Christmas at The Veggie & Tea House


Veggie Tree House


1st Impressions count they say! Right?

I get the feeling from their Christmas display this restaurant believes in giving. In fact I received a freebie here once before:


Veggie and Tea House: pan Asian, friendly, organic, healthy cuisine. Great fresh juices.

If the link doesn’t work:

1055 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena  (626)440-0088


What does their Christmas Tree display suggest to you?




Gotta Run. The Year is Getting Old! Stay Thirsty My Friends…




6 responses to “Christmas at The Veggie & Tea House

    • Lori, I think I will, I think I did!
      I appreciated your hospitality toward Jessica & me. Looks like a really nice place you have in AltaDena! Just wish we weren’t tight with our time.

  1. Sounds like a nice place. The Christmas Tree with the packages is a nice touch, very warm and inviting. Freebies are always a good thing for those of us who are merchants, whether of food, service or goods. At our store, we offer complimentary Pasadena Coffee Co. coffee, Good Earth herbal tea and cookies every day. These last days before Christmas, we’ll also be offering hot apple cider, and small chocolates at the check out counter.

  2. The tree is just right. It has the ideal density of ornaments. What I like especially are the presents. While the store display is color coordinated and perfectly stacked, the presents under the tree are a mad jumble (well, almost). So I’ll try to find this place and give it a go!

    • Hey Barbara, how’s the weather down in So Pasa?! I like your artist pt of view of this foto.

      JS,you think so? Maybe, maybe not, imho. But I also appreciate your artistic opinion!