In a Charitable mood this season?

Season’s Greeting’s!


I wish y’all a berry Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Rosy Rose Parade & Rose Bowl from back here in Pasadena, California!  Our chilly arctic weather reminds us why this is the most wonderful time of the year.

But I know talk is cheap, as our politicians have taught some of us well, and it’s gotten cheaper in this economy.

So in this season of gift-giving & shopping, reduced job hours, & “vacations”,  lemme suggest a gift you may wanna have Santa Claus add to your gifting list: a donation(s) to a local Tournament of Roses float association.


Burbank Tournament of Roses Association

Downy Rose Float Association

LaCanada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association

Sierra Madre Rose Float Association

South Pasadena Tournament of Roses


Unlike most Rose Parade floats, the above local cities have continued to raise their own funds for constructing their self-built float!  Admirable.  And I pray they can continue that policy. Therefore they can, especially, use whatever financial or volunteer support you can contribute!


TOR Tournament House per Wikimediaorg1


I’ve helped out in my tiny way in the past.  This year I’ve all but totally sat this one out.  However, if you are currently able to assist, in even a small way, please click one or more of the above Rose float association links. They will appreciate it.  




Gotta Go! Go Eat!! Stay Thirsty My Friends




10 responses to “In a Charitable mood this season?

    • Thanks for everything else you left, KB! I’m looking 4ward to sleep, rest, and relaxation.

      JS, thanks but as you’ve heard it said by lesser men than me, “I never left!”

      ShSh, it’s also time consuming on me. Well, ahem, maybe we can have some afternoon delight instead!

  1. Yes, it is lovely to see you again, Cafe! It’s sweet of you to feature this. I hope some funds are raised to help keep the Rose floats afloat. I feel like some Turkish Delight now.