2011 Rose Parade Royal Court


This morning the Tournament of Roses announced its 2011 Royal Court.


Seven lovely girls are now left of the original 1,000 plus candidates from last months trials.

The 2011 Royal Court Princesses & their schools are: Tatyane Berrios of Arcadia), Sarah Fredrickson of Maranatha, Evanne Friedmann of La Canada, Jessica Montoya of Flintridge, Tenaya Senzaki of Pasadena High, Kathryn Thomson of Flintridge and Michelle Washington of Pasadena City College


My small handful of familiar faces in the group of 31 finalists group did not make it. Well, just my usual luck! Still, I do hope out of this group will be Queen who I can call one of my favs just as with the last two royals. (I hope all these girls like to eat & love K9’s)  smile_wink

Now the question is who will be The One left standing when the Queen is announced on October 19th?!  Well, may the best man win!  Ahem, I meant of course, may the best young lady win!!

Local station KTLA handed the coverage of the announcement to Wendy Burch, herself a former beauty pageant Queen from a couple years past. KTLA has an unusual video embedding which I don’t have time to fix now but here is the link. Forgive the commercial that precedes the Rose announcement:


2011 ToR Royal Court announcement!




Gotta Run. Need to Eat!! Stay Thirsty My Friends




16 responses to “2011 Rose Parade Royal Court

    • Actually restful, stressful, & relaxing sound better to me! And I wish the same for you, JS!
      PDP, I don’t remember. But not this year for sure! It’s gonna be more like, “what have you don’t for us lately!?”

  1. My daughter tried out and didn’t make it… although she wasn’t overly upset. However, I found it interesting that boys were trying out as well. Did you know that? From what Sasha said they did that to get tickets to the Royal Court. 🙂

    • IN: it’s funny that a wunderful gurl like Sasha couldn’t make the cut! Well, like I said none of “my” girls made it!! I guess that’s why I’m not on the selection committee. 😛

      Thanks for you interest, WWNF!

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