Seeing RED!



This fotograph reminded me of another Ferrari parked on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena a couple months later.  That one was parked in front of the new Euro Pane Bakery Cafe in the Paseo Colorado District.

The Paseo Ferrari was more memorable for one incident. The driver & her lovely girl friends were inside Euro Pane conversing and reading their New Yorkers as I recall. Occasionally distracted only by this canine. Until a 2nd distraction arrived: our friendly, sympathetic parking enforcement leaving his contact info/ticket for these lovely ladies.

I know that feeling too well! (Where’s the Mayor & my “representatives” when I really them?!!) Apparently these women weren’t too familiar with it – particularly the Ferrari driver. But she never had a chance with the parking enforcer. She didn’t take too well to receiving an approximately $45 parking ticket! Ever heard of, “If looks could kill!”?

Just shows you that if you don’t think you can afford a parking ticket, then you probably can’t afford to drive a Ferrari either.




Gotta Drive Off!  Stay Thirsty My Friends…





6 responses to “Seeing RED!

  1. $45$ is too much for someone who can afford a Ferrari???? Uahahahahahahahaahhahahahaahahahhahahahahaha!
    OH MY GOD! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
    The poor ones… AHahahahahahah

  2. In London, about 5 years ago, we stayed at an apartment in Kensington. Out front there was a Bentley with a boot on it. Too many unpaid parking tickets…

    • I wunder if they know what a boot is in Mammoth, Chief??

      JS, I don’t know which one you’re referring to. However, the woman currently in the orange sauna is interesting.