AKA, “Miss In N Out Burger 2010”

I recently noticed a commercial video featuring In N Out Burgers.  It was on a website of an acquaintance of mine etc, Nicole Johnson.  She was co-starring in it along with a burger & shake.

First viewing surprised me: I Like. It somehow seduced me into follow-up viewings! I notice something new each time. It’s short, simple, sweet, silly, seductive, and so on. Special.  Not to mention it has LMFAO as the  background music!

She and a few friends did it for fun & their love of In N Out. Hopefully, INO will take notice & like it enuf to want to put out NJ in one of their commercials!!

Well, enuf of my words & letters. I told Nicole I loved it to the point I asked her if I could borrow it to share with others, who like me, were totally unconscious of such things. She encouraged me to do so. So here, INO Burger fans and others, check this out for yourself:

To me this is a special but very funny video! But, the video is still able to project the natural cool, calm, warm, conscientious, easy-going,  sweetheart Nicole is. IMHO she hit a grand slam and threw a touchdown with this!  I hope INO takes note of this great video prepared by a few fans.

Ok, the bottom line is how effective is this commercial for sales?  Well, she got me to go to In N Out a couple times this week already!! Unfortunately, as I mentioned to her from now on I won’t be able to eat In N Out in peace any longer – I’ll be thinking of her as I eat!

I actually like this better than the Carl’s Jr where the model/actress is eating a juicy burger. What do you think of NJ’s video?? You now motivated to get with your significant other for some In N Out this weekend?!  smile_secret

Gotta Run & Eat! In N Out…Again!?!?  Thanks, Nicole – It’s Your Fault!!



21 responses to “AKA, “Miss In N Out Burger 2010”

  1. In n Out is a family owned company…perhaps why we don’t see such ads…
    It is a very well done ad and Nicole is darling…but who wants even more people clogging the take out lines at InO??? The two in Glendale ALWAYS have lines out of the parking lot onto the street for their drive through…no matter the time of day!!!
    Wish there was an In n Out on 395!!!

    • I don’t want lines, but that applies only when I’m at InO! Yes, Nicole is a sweetheart which gives me another reason to think of something to eat when I visit InO!

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    • I’ve heard similar comments before. Thk You, Mae!

      PA, obviously you’re more conservative than me. She is clean, wholesome, and friendly, funny, and not one to take herself to seriously. Besides, I don’t think I want anything to clean & wholesome! 😛

    • Erika, I’m glad you’re one who can’t resist! 😉

      ShSh, you’re Austrailian! Can u imagine your art with this Video! I can’t believe you wouldn’t even give it a try! 😦

    • KB, it’s only been a few weeks but glad to know you notice if I’m missing in action.

      BW, u sound like a hard-core INO fan! She’s an acquaintance like most of the people I know! Sadly, I’m too busy to be hanging out with my female friends, and she’s even busier with much more important things she’s expected to attend to etc everyday!!
      It’s a fun vid a few friends & NJ made. However I do hope, my time permitting, to convince INO to either use the Vid or Nicole in one of their commercials. It’s addicting & to me she’s Hilarious!! in this!! I don’t know if your seminarian training is suggesting you desire more, or less, sexuality…?
      Finally, at least I now know the subjects that will get BW to come to my blog & leave a comment!!

  3. Okay….. I need a few things cleared up here.
    First, you actually know that beautiful woman? What in the world are you doing sitting at your computer? You should be hanging out with her and her friends at all times of day.

    Second, this is NOT an actual In-N-Out commercial, right? I always thought In-N-Out was A) not a business that needed to use TV ads to get customers and B) not the kind of establishment that would stoop to Carl’s Jr. levels of sexually suggestive material.

    Third, Animal Fries, but no burger? That’s too bad. The burger is the sexiest part of eating at In-N-Out!!!

    Fourth, no one can ever accuse Cafe Pasadena of not being controversial.

    • I second the stuff Ben just said.

      PS. In n’ Out wouldn’t touch this in a zillion years.–But you should, Cafe!!

      • I dunno what’s wrong with that picture, er, Vid! A young woman many look up to & I too get up for her! If I were in charge of marketing I wood try to get her posing with my products at every opportunity. And in fact she’s gonna be out in front of the camera much more after November! Thanks for your participation, MH! I mean, MG. Now I know what will lure you out.

  4. Padma girl, move over. How nice for you to share your insights about Nicole. We don’t have In-N-Out Burgers in Florida but I wish we did.

    • Pensacola PJ, my insights n out about her you mean! I hear INO is going to TX so they’re getting closer to you.

      Pulled Porker, thanks. Consider this my In N Out review. And I think women could probably agree about your motivation.

  5. I would love to press my lips against that…. milkshake.

    Yes, I am motivated to get some In-N-Out with my better half this weekend, although in all honesty you could show me a video of anything and I would still feel that way!