Pasadena Weather Picture


Paseo Colorado District


Paseo Colorado District



Gotta Eat & Work. Stay Thirsty My Friends…





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  1. Thanks for commenting… you were quick!

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    • Thanks, Shirley. If I ever follow you it will be cuz we’re dating…or, you’re my dentist!! I hope feeling better than a few months ago.

      Thanks! Beauty on a Budget: each time to visit my blog you will come to understand it’s powers upon your life!

    • Thanks sweetheart Bag! Ahem, in this case it’s not the camera, but operator of the camera. 😛 I’m glad u finally got over to mochica near USC & liked it.

      IN, this is me leaving you speechless! It just hit me how often women have used the word, “Wow!!” around me…

    • Did u miss something? Shanna, probably. Since you’re forever gazing into the eyes of the sky! I appreciate the “gorgeous” from a wunderful artist.

      Writer Cindy, thank you. I treasure your “evocative!”

    • KB, they probably turn on the hoses here before they turned them on just to the north of you last summer.

      CheifTess, one more reason for you to have headed north!

      Professor: yes it’s August. Well, now it’s Sept. Thanks for you niceness.