SLake on Colorado: Readings @ Pasadena’s Vroman’s

I realize this is only like a 2 hour advance notice. But, as per my norm aka busy laziness, better very late than never! If this lures one extra person to Vroman’s tonite then I’ve done my job!  fingerscrossed

TONITE Friday at 7pm, come hear & meet some of the Pasadena/Altadena literary contributors to the new L.A/Pasadena area literary journal – SLake.  Especially if you missed their earlier reading events in Echo Park, Santa Monica, Los Feliz, et al.  And, especially come if I can’t make it due to a past due appointment with sleep or lack of it!!

The sLakers will be reading selections from their contributions to this inaugural/premier issue of what is hoped will be a quarterly journal for at least a quarter of a century!


 Cvr Event Vromans



SLake says they are “devoted to the endangered art of deeply reported narrative journalism and the kind of polished essay, memoir, fiction, poetry and portrait writing that is disappearing in a world of instant takes and unfiltered opinion. SLake marks a return to storytelling.”


As  shown above there is a strong Pasadena area contribution in support of this new work of literature, writing, and art. Laurie Ochoa, former editor of LA Weekly, Gourmet Magazine, etc., is now editor of this journal along with Joseph Donnelly. I happened to notice her last month visiting the new Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe in Pasadena. (For many of you regulars STILL wundering…YES, there is a new Euro Pane now & it’s located across the Paseo in the new Montana Residences building!)

BTW (or is it BLT??), Euro Pane is one of the major contributing supporters along with the Hammer/UCLA Museum in bringing the idea of SLake into reality! I really shouldn’t be too surprised by this since I’ve known numerous writers, actors, CalTech/JPL’ers, and, whatever’s, to frequent simple Euro Pane. Even K9’s are welcomed with dog bones available! – which is NOT why this Dog regularly appears (1stly, it’s the coffee beans!!. 2nd, the aforementioned leave me at peace, so I leave them to ponder their inner being over their cup of coffee bean.)





Yes, I do have this first issue & can vouch for it’s worth! Actually, I don’t know how price was determined but SLake’s quality is a real bargain for only $18. High-5, 2 Thumbs Up, etc, for SLake!!

Ok, I’m falling asleep from a lack of it the last few weeks. So, I gotta cut this short and publish it NOW or nobody will read this!  But, remember to visit SLake in Pasadena tonite!  If I’ve whetted your appetite for more SLake, here are just a few more bites of info for you to chew on:


Harvard University & SLake co-editor Joe Donnelly


KUSC Arts Alive Podcast


Huffington Post: Can SLake quench LA’s Media Thirst?






Alright, I Gotta Go! Go Eat & Sleep!! Stay Thirsty My Friends…








9 responses to “SLake on Colorado: Readings @ Pasadena’s Vroman’s

    • IN, it isn’t a magazine. It’s a quarterly journal of journalism, writing, photography & art. A new shipment came in about a week ago. Ck out Vroman’s. They had a brunch the nite of the book signing & readings. If you still have trouble finding it, give me a holler.

      PA, I don’t know Sandro Birk! However, local artist Sandow Birk I am familiar with. I’m glad I was able to give you this small introduction to him! Btw, I don’t have an insider track on anything related to the cops – you’re on your own there! 😉

  1. Completely missed this post. Two hours notice? come on dog….such a tease!

    btw: impressed that you know who Sandro Birk is. If you have an inside track you might want to ask him how that police commission is going


    • Yes!, there were Macarons ShSh. And, NO, I didn’t bring em.

      Marg: well, as you know there were Macarons so that should tell you something!

      I’ll try to get around to giving a very brief report of the night. But, it was packed. SRO! And, this on a Friday evening!!

  2. Maybe everyone else already knew about this, but SLake was news to me. Thanks for the heads up, though I’ll have to appreciate it in print, since I’m not there for the readings.

    • JS, it doesn’t surprise me that others here in Pasadena still hadn’t heard about this. It’s like I wrote about customers at original EuroPane still inquiring about “is there a new EP??”!! Still, it was a packed house/SRO last nite at Vroman’s. The crowd emptied out the wine bottles & EuroPane goodies faster than any other!

      PJ, sounds good! I’ll ck it out & get back 2 you. Btw, there were Macaron’s at the SLake event. I only could have one before they disappeared! Are u back daily blogging down there in Florida??

  3. I’m here to tell U that I had my first Macarons – read about it on my blog – and to say that I’ve already been SLaked by PA on Banjo52’s blog and I’m impressed. There wouldn’t happen to be a streaming podcast of tonight’s proceedings??