NOVEI BEIGE @ The Immortal Gallery

One of my too many creative/artistic friends in my life – Novei Beige – will be displaying some of her latest & unique artworks at the Immortal Gallery in Los Angeles.  TONITE: Thursday August 12th from 7 – 11pm. It’s also Downtown LA ArtWalk Day.

(I wish I wasn’t so busy. And having these creative’s in my life doesn’t help!  smile_confused )


Novei Beige1a



Her Heart sculptures are pierced together through the slaughter of emotions. Don’t expect them to be anatomically correct – only forbidden.” 


People who have seen her work have described it as whimsical, macabre, and unique. I ditto that plus add they have a tendency to hold your attention and make one think as some kinda muzic plays in the background.

The artist Novei is a wunderful, thoughtful, whimsical, local area young woman. Her website:  Novei BeigeThis website is only a very small sample of her work.  If you are interested in her works of art you may also emale her: .

Novei’s next big project at the moment will be in a motion picture – A Holiday Heist – scheduled for a 2011 release. You’ll probably read about it in several places. Of course, I’ll keep you informed when that clock rings.

Please support our local creative people, such as Novei Beige, in whatever way, however small, you can!




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12 responses to “NOVEI BEIGE @ The Immortal Gallery

  1. Hi, Mike. I Love visiting your website! Thanks for profiling Novei Beige’s artwork. She’s one of my favorite people in Pasadena where I’ll often see her artwork on lovely display in a cafe! I’ve got a couple of questions about your Pasadena Blogroll, but I’ll shoot you a quick email on those. Take care!

    • MD, that’s what I heard! I appreciate that from a romantic writer like you. How could I forget the way u speak to me in your many erotic languages! 😛 I wish u were here so we could just talk, eat, & drink. And, if I wrote another thought 4 U: Never any nonsense here when it is given to guide the movement of the lips with the heart.

      Erika: your sense of style shows & is appreciated. I still gotta get you that Runway info.

      Thanks for your interest, Mountain Lady! Now, start taking some more fotos!