Pasadena Mail

An official looking envelope from the City of Pasadena arrived in my mailbox just the other day…



ParkPlace-City Pasadena



Did you get one of these in your mail receptacle too? 


ParkPlace p2 City ofPasadena




Looks like that corner of Lake & Colorado is finally gonna move onto to something big, like a turtle at least, long after the seniors vacated that old hotel years ago.



Until next time. I gotta go hit the streets. Stay Thirsty My Friends.




9 responses to “Pasadena Mail

  1. So what are they going to tear down to make room for this venture? time for a g map looksie

    Bono Corso; I haven’t been there since it’s previous location. Is it any good? I don’t trust culinary nostalgia

    • PA, I sense it’s gonna bee everthing btween the old hotel & the B/A bldg. Ask Justin about BC.

      ShSh: hmmm,…but I know there is international mail delivery!

      JS: economists, politicians, biz people are often off target.

  2. Safe to say I didn’t receive one of these in my mailbox, Cafe. I’m glad to see they are renovating and retaining the old hotel as part of the development {assuming that’s a good thing!}

  3. I don’t suppose there is any chance Bono Corso’s is one of the restaurants? I have not thought about that pocket of town since it moved.