Bloggers Baking Up Love

Some of my loyal readers may recall I mentioned the inaugural food blogger charity event Eat My Blog which occurred back in December at Zeke’s Smokehouse in West Hollywood. Well, I better get that recap posted now before the 2nd EMB happening TODAY/Saturday is history!  After all, I’m nothing if not timely on my blogging, right?!


P1030195aGreeters, aka The Ravenous Couple:  A couple of wunderful food blogging & cooking friends


Here are a just a few fotos with some brief but serious review of the baking skills of the food bloggers…



A Collector’s Item: The Very First Sweet Menu

Menu-Org A



Food Bloggers for once Serving instead of Eating!!





















A Few Samples of the Menu…

P1030200A   P1030217A






I was interviewed by “USC TV” for this event!  Hopefully it didn’t sound like I was full of pastries!!

























Zekes Smokehouse Restaurant & the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf were among the the sponsors. 

That first EMB was a complete success!  The EMB “bakery” sold out early with thousands of dollars going to help the hungry & poor in the Los Angeles area.




Ok, so that was a taste of then, which brings us to now – Today, Saturday June 19th. The 2nd Eat My Blog (EMB) charity bake sale is back with all proceeds again benefiting the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank





And, Pasadena foodie & cooking blogging friends Cathy de Gastrononer (Founder) & Laurie the G-Ma Baker, along with Diana Takes a Bite (who I last saw taking a bite of surprisingly good grilled cheeze at Vroman’s!) are the organizing leaders of this very valuable, charitable event. They all have hearts of gold and stomachs which I envy!  Last year my assistance was limited to very little. This year, it’s limited to at least respectability! But, NO, I’m not baking anything – I’m an Eater – not a Baker or Cooker!

West Hollywood again is the location, but now with Tenders Greens Restaurant taking a turn as host: 8759 Santa Monica Blvd.  I’ve eaten at the TG in Culver City & Hollywood. Now, it’s WeHo. (Looks like TG is gonna be a fav whether I like it or not!)

EMB continues to be a bake sale where the “bakers” are primary blogger’s working out of their home kitchens i.e., not professionals. Most of the top food/restaurant blogger’s in the area are participating.

However, this year there is small list of professional foodies (bakers/chefs, etcetera) contributing  to this cause of helping the L.A. Regional Food Bank in these economic repression era times:


Choppe Choppe – Culver City

Debbie Lee from the Next Food Network Star (Season 5)

L.A Times Daily Dish Food Writers

Ludo Lefebvre of LudoBites – L.A.

Sumi Chang of the Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe’s – Pasadena

Evan Kleinman of Host of KCRW’s Good Food

L.A Weekly’s Squid Ink Restaurant Writers

Drago Centro Restaurant – Downtown L.A.

Laurel Avenue’s Bakelab – L.A.

Starry Kitchen – L.A.

Fraiche Restaurant – Culver City/Santa Monica

Cube Marketplace & Cafe – L.A.

Valerie Confections –L.A.

The Hollywood Corner – Hollywood

The Hip Cooks – ELA & WLA

There may be a couple others added in the last minute. Forgive me if I failed to mention you and also for not having the time at the moment to provide their web links. This is a rush job!


As with the EMB1, I or other blogger’s will be bringing back timely reports on EMB2! Sooner or later.  Gotta keep my priorities ya know – eating before blogging – HahaHoho!!

So, I advise you go check it out yourself today, right now!  It will taste especially good since you’ll be helping out others to eat as you yourself eat sweetly!




Gotta Run. Lot to Do, Lot to Eat Today. Stay Thirsty My Friends…




21 responses to “Bloggers Baking Up Love

    • Tk You. But, do you see what happens when you quit blogging, JS!! You’re contagious!

      When the City of Pasadena officials start asking about me, you know I’m in trouble! (My POV? What is my POV, PIO, LOL??!!)
      Ann, by now you should know what I told you about Dish being BrenArt in a prior life.

  1. Have you quit blogging, Mike? We miss your point of view around here!! I hope everything’s OK. By the way, some coworkers and I ate at the new Dish restaurant on Union Street for lunch today and it was positively scrumptious.

  2. This looks fabuloso! I’m just now delving into serious baking, so we’ll see, we’ll see what I can come up with.

    Do we get to see you on Yahoo Tube?

    • Paula, you haven’t blogged daily since April!! Wat’s with that?! I don’t know about You or Yahoo Tube since I haven’t even ck’d!

      So, Tony, was it worth the $30? And Euro Pane’s macaron’s sold out in WeHo the very 1st hour!!

  3. I ended up with Evan Kleiman’s “white nectarine +blackberry w/ butter custard” galette because no one at the sale wanted to fork out $30 for a real-to-goodness-restaurant-grade baked good. 3 of us shared & there was still enough for next morning. People are just WEIRD sometimes, buying random person’s possibly crappy cupcake for $5, but not one of Angeli Caffe’s infamous pies.

    • Erika, as I told MD in Europe below, you can do something like this yourself.

      ShSh, saturday was an even bigger success than the first EMB! Re the macaron’s: yes, in fact organizer Laurie told me the Europane mac’s sold out in the 1st hour!

  4. May a sweet time be had by all! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your vintage wrap of the previous event, dear puppy… that menu is mouth-watering, and I’m happy to see our faves, the macarons, were present. And yes, that’s one smart cookie of a dog. {But dogs usually do have their priorities straight…} Happy day to you, Cafe!