Vroman’s & Pasadena Authors

Here’s a Quick Shout Out for someone I happen to know. Better late than never, right?!

My favorite bookstore, Vroman’s here in Pasadena, will be having another of their book author events tonite 5/25 beginning at 6:30pm.

The author is Pasadena writer/novelist, foodie, & blogger – Dianne Emley. Or, as PDP’s Petrea describes her: “sweet, pretty Dianne…”  Ok, Petrea, but her husband is a pretty sweet guy himself! (I believe they have a dog, which would make it the perfect trio.

Anyway, today is the release of her newest novel – LOVE KILLS!  One thing which is unique or special about her novels is she finds it no crime to mention local/Pasadena places!




I’ve mentioned Dianne previously on this blog back on 2/19/10.  Here’s a Tip: If you buy her new book tonite and mention Petrea’s blogsite while getting it signed, she will send you a FREE copy of her last book The Deepest Cut!

In fact, as insurance I’ll go out on thin ice to say you can even mention this blog, Cafe Pasadena, if you suddenly forget Petrea’s. “Sweet” Dianne probably will still be happy to send you a free book.


For more information, check out these links:


Dianne Emley

I Write Therefore I Am

Dianne @ Vroman’s Bookstore



I hear she may also have a small food & drink party at Vroman’s! Sounds important, so I hope to drop in tonite. smile_wink  What about you? Support our local national writers. Hope to see y’all at the bookstore.


Getting Hungry! So, Stay Thirsty My Friends…




19 responses to “Vroman’s & Pasadena Authors

  1. So, I might be in the market to pick up a book to read…. Any suggestions? 🙂 I noticed that this book is proudly displayed at Jones, my favorite local coffee spot, with the “Jones” mentions bookmarked for easy reference.

    • Well, I’m reading LOVE KILLS and it’s wunderful. But, I hear the earlier novels in this series are also great. I wish I had started reading Diane much earlier!
      So, take your pick, Klik.

    • KB & PDP, I hope you gals get out to one of DE’s book appearances! Plus, the catered delights & wine was to die for…i.e., if you like wine. 😉

  2. How’d it go? Wait–I’ll check Dianne’s blog and see if she posted there. Nice post, Cafe! (A sweet, pretty post…)

  3. Oh, and my husband, Charlie, is a sweet guy! No puppy dog in the home, though. Although Charlie would love to get a German Shepherd (he used to have one), the only four-legged critters in our house are two felines.

    • We gotta get your assistant a German Shepherd! – with feline permission of course.

      If I have the time, I try to support our Pasadenan’s, especially those who support my own events.

      It’s the decade of the French macaron in America! Btw, you must’ve really loved that Chardonnay last nite! 😉

  4. Cafe, thanks so much for this post and for supporting Pasadena authors and businesses! And for coming to the launch. I’ve been singing the praises of the Euro Pane macarons you brought me all over cyberspace. Simply wonderful!

    Send me your mailing address and I’ll drop a copy of The Deepest Cut in the mail.

    • Your great ShSH! It wood bee someone from across the ocean who wood try to make it. Btw, my Francophile friend, author Dianne now has experienced her 1st macaron!!