I Love Paris…

Recently a sweet young friend tuned me on to Retro 1260 AM.  Pre-1970’s, classics, oldies, swing, old adult standards, easy listening, Doo-Wop, etc.

However, like my food, I only like one kind of music – Good. This fits into that category. Unfortunately, here in Pasadena the old recordings mixed with what must be a retro-transmitter on AM don’t always make for an audiophiles reception of their signal.  Nevertheless, this can’t disguise the fact why many of these old tunes became great.

Yet, the main reason for posting this is not this new station. It’s an old song this station gave birth to my ears for the first time: an old Cole Porter standard sung by Frank Sinatra titled, I Love Paris.

I share this with those who also haven’t heard it before, my French friends tuning in, or those who just like French macarons (or french fries!).  And, of course, for those who have heard this…when these old songs were new.







Below is another version by singer Sergio Vellatti.




Q: What you think? Which version do you prefer?

At the least, I hope this song brings a slice of peace & harmony to you & your neighborhood today.



Gotta Run to Eat! Stay Thirsty My Friends…





17 responses to “I Love Paris…

  1. I haven’t been there yet… Unfortunately I don’t like French people but I know… it’s not an excuse to miss such a beautiful city… and it’s not even that far from here!

    • Mr Vicious mite bee be a grandfather today? Unfortunately, I’m now wondering if any 21st century terrorists were also fans of Sid’s “way” displayed in the video.

      I always thought Mr. Rotten was the nice Sex Pistol.

  2. Frank, Frank, Frank. LOVE his version. And now I want to hop a private jet for Paris!

    By the way…the Balmain jacket in my post from yesterday is for a girl. 🙂

      • “I have spent a good part of my life looking for
        the perfect barbecue. There is no point in looking
        in places like Texas, where they put some kind
        of ketchup on beef and call it barbecue. ”

        -Charles Kuralt, “Charles Kuralt’s America”

    • KB, she was over here recently but she didn’t say a word. I wooda treated her to all things French. I guess it turned out she’s actually a closet cat lover. I’ll still let her know when the dog is in her state.

      ShSh, thanks. All things French to you when you come visit Pasadena.

  3. I liked Sergio’s nicely enough, but have to give my vote to Frank. And I’m always a softie for big band brass. Thank you for the little Paris twirl, Pup ~ happy weekend to you!

  4. Okay, I suggest you do what I accidentally did: get both versions playing at the same time, about 5 seconds apart. Actually… not a bad mashup!

    • Ok, Kat, then I take it you’re voting for the 3rd version. The Mashup, mixedup version.

      IN, you didn’t expect this? You’re fav city to visit? I dunno what else you could’ve been expecting…