Pasadena Periodic Map – Food


Indian Chop:

A Geographical Map of Food in India


Map of Indian Cuisine

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Gotta Run & Eat! Stay Thirsty My Friends…




13 responses to “Pasadena Periodic Map – Food

  1. So where you can blame me for the BBQ ribs…I can now blame you for my need of an onion bhaji – oooooooh yummy. x

    • I don’t know if I’ve had an onion bhaji, Mesina. Butt, it sounds like it wood go well with bbq babyback ribs!

      ShSh, don’t struggle with it -as long as it’s not too hot or spicy and you’re not allergic. Just open your mouth and put it in. With practice you’ll get used to it.

  2. Hm ~ I struggle with Indian food ~ I can only have the mildest and ‘wimpiest’ of what’s usually available. But this looks like a very useful and interesting map for those with a taste for it!