The Mayor & I

Some of you may know the new Euro Pane Bakery Cafe (EP) recently opened three weeks ago. At the new Montana Residences. I finally got over there the other day to try something off their new menu.
















As I walked into the cafe I saw a gentleman trying to do his best impression of me: at Euro Pane, sitting off to the side, reading the paper or trying to do work while eating & drinking. This impostor was, of all humans, Pasadena’s Mayor Bogaard. A mover & shaker as some wood say!  smile_wink



Reading @ de Cafe


My policy has always been as long as celebrities don’t bug me, I don’t bother them!   This is how it’s been at the original EP. I don’t react to these types as if I’ve just seen Jesus Christ – as many commoners will do.  However, for the honorable Mayor I wood make an exception. I made a note to visit the Mayor after I ordered to ask him a couple questions, while he was sitting down.


Daily Specials


The new Euro Pane is across Paseo Colorado.  Since they’ve been opened just a short time, they’re like a baby learning to walk before sprinting or marathoning, young and still a ways from their peak.  A tweak here and/or a tweek there this bird tweets for now. Part-time hours now, with weekend openings planned for June.

I’ve driven by & notice it’s already very busy at lunch time right out into the Al Fresco seating.  This can only help the whole Paseo Colorado district economy.  Today’s menu offerings I’m sure will look much different this time next year. But, this is  a Euro Pane so the quality is already very good.

The Mayor & I were having a late lunch, so some items were sold out. But, they recommended the Pulled Pork Sandwich. It was surprisingly very good! There is some question if EP’s world famous Egg Salad sandwich (ESS) is going to make the trip from the original EP.  IMHO, their BLTA sandwich is even better!  And if the other sandwiches are tasty as at the original EP, then you can visit the ESS down the block at the original bakery as far as I’m concerned


But, I digest!

Before I had a chance to visit the Mayor at his desk, uh, table, he was at my side wanting a cookie to go. He must’ve spotted this canine and thought it best he take leave.

Still, I was able to speak with him about the new EP: it’s prospects, it’s perfect location (“And you’ve got City Hall right next door!” – The Mayor ). Plus, about the original EP, etc.  Of course, last but not least – Ann de PIO: say “Hi” to her for me…and release her from her 25/8 schedule so she can visit her home occasionally!  clock

I was gonna bring up blogger legislation in the city & foreign relations with the other ‘Dena’s, but the red light went off – his time was up and I thought better to leave that door closed.  I’m gonna need a special session of the city council for those…


Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe  II

345 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena 91101

(626)844-8804 / M-F 7am-5pm for now



Gotta Run!! My Time Here is Up For Now! Stay Thirsty My Friends…



22 responses to “The Mayor & I

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    • MC, I’m wundering how your veggie sw compares to the veggie at the original EuroP?

      ShSh, yes, it’s finally open. I’m sure Mr Mayor can enjoy the cafe life more with this new EP next door to Citihall, and with trusty non-stop workers like his PIO back at the office! And btw – if this dog is in the area, it’s not a ritzy neighborhood!

  2. So the newbie EuroPane is open at last ~ looks like a ritzy neighbourhood. I’m sure the Mayor only hastened his exit because of pressing mayoral-type business to attend. Good to hear you still managed a word in his ear about the ever-industrious Ann de PIO ~ she’s a gem, that one.

  3. My policy with celebs has always been that I’ll talk to them if they’re someone whose work I actually admire. If I don’t have anything to say, why bother?

  4. Pulled pork? That sounds great. I hope they still have the turkey sandwich. It was excpetional on fresh cranberry bread!

    • SG, the pulled pork was unexpectedly good! But, I don’t think it’s gonna be on the regular menu. In fact, I don’t remember what is on the regular menu at this point.

      East of Allen: come to this blog to tell you something you don’t know! 😉 Did you try any new menu item? I think they even have pizza!(?) Btw, I’ve only been to this Paseo EP twice; can’t bee there every day!

  5. Glad I read this here blog. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known of the new EuroPane! Went today for lunch but didn’t see any celebs (at least that I recognized).

    • Hmmmm…PA, it sounds like that lighting & signage are a work in progress. Butt, I will guess the lighting is called Arc lights.

      MD, now you’ve made me beg the question: wunder what Hitler’s auntsisters are up to??

    • KB, warnings: I’ve never tried the French cheezes. And, it’s a “Today’s Special.” So, it mite not bee on the menu the day you come.

      PIO, you’re right, now that the fashion-setting Mayor has appeared there. But, dogs are still allowed as this case in pt illustrates.

      • Well I don’t know over there but in Italy my BELOVED prime minister would love to close them down all or at least those who write about politics and are against him! The last “intelligent” thing he said lately was that in Italy there is too much media and web freedom… There’s not much too laugh about actually I’m a bit concerned – and not only about blogs…