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Lemme get this word out quickly, right now…



Next month – June 19th – will be the 2nd Eat My Blog (EMB) charity bake sale with all proceeds to benefit the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.


Readers may recall my last minute report on the inaugural EMB1 last year between the ThanksGiving & Christmas holidays. Some in our area missed hearing about it while wanting to have been a part of it. 

Anyway, my post-EMB1 report and pics have yet to see the light of this blog. I’d better get it up before this next EMB is history!  All I’ll say about EMB1 is that it was a sweet success. The donated baked goods were sold out before closing time!  The women behind this thing were a guarantee of its success.


As before, EMB2 it will be hosted at Zeke’s Smokehouse, 7100 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.


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There are basically two ways to participate in this charitable event.

  1. Eater/Purchaser:  make a donation or a purchase of the goodies baked by the baking blogger’s!
  2. Baker/Blogger:  as a blogger donate baked goodies (cupcakes, cookies, etc.) that you’ve made yourself which will be sold at Eat My Blog.


But, you can get more official information & learn how to participate at the Eat My Blog website. The founder and an organizer are foodie friends from Pasadena!  You’ve read here before about my favorite food blogger Cathy de Gastronomer, the founder of this sweet EMB. Normally I would say contact her if you’re a baking blogger, but she just got married to a Cal Techer. They are currently trying to eat their way out of Spain and Europe. (I hope she remembered to bring back take-out menus! smile_secret  So, they’re The Honeymooner’s for now.

However, her trusty friend and EMB organizer – Laurie de Pasadena – is holding down the fort here.  You can contact her through her bakery blog – GMa’s Bakery – as well as the Eat My Blog webpage. Just leave her a message comment. As a matter of probable fact, Laurie hopes to be at the Pasadena PIO’s Citihall Blogger Tour and eating party this Saturday.  If she makes it you can get more info directly from the baker’s mouth.


If you wish to bake something you need to contact one of these young ladies ASAP!










Let This Word Go Out, From This Day Forward. Stay Thirsty My Friends!





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  1. I wood bee willing to take your seat on the plane to China so you can get a little rest, PIO. I’m sure you wood rather stay home eating these bakery items.

    If I judge solely by the comments, it appears the economy has affected the local baking blogger community. Well, at least I did my part to get the word out. No excuses this time!