Re: Local Blogger Event

In my previous post I briefly mentioned people get ready there’s a Blogger event coming up on May 8th! With details to follow shortly after everything was finalized.

In case you haven’t already noticed, those details arrived in the blogosphere yesterday. Click on over to the blog of Ann Erdman the Pasadena City PIO Blogger. If you haven’t visited her blog before then this should be the beginning of a good addiction for you. This tireless public servant & mysterious historian can now be revealed as the organizer & blogger behind this gathering for Pasadena area bloggers!  smile_secret


The View of de PIO


Myself, I’ve been after her to give an In N Out tour of Pasadena’s historical Citihall since pre-blog times. Just when I was about to give up asking, the PIO graciously found an opening to add this tour to her already busy 25/8 schedule for Pasadena area blogger’s!

It seems there isn’t a thing Ann doesn’t know about Pasadena. smile_whatchutalkingabout  I hope you can make it. I’ve discovered holding an event at Pasadena Citihall isn’t as 1,2,3, quik & easy it shall be for you & me as I thought it could be.  This may only be a one time opportunity. 

So, will there be a next time?   Hopefully, but bringing this one to life took some time.  Only the PIO & Citihall schedules know for sure.

Please click onto Ann’s blog link to get the latest public information on her tour of her jobsite and eats. Then continue to check it leading up to next Saturday for any updates.

And, btw – your camera camera  and your appetite pizza – don’t leave home without them.

Pasadena PIO



That’s All Folks! Ck out The PIO Blog. Stay Thirsty My Friends…





12 responses to “Re: Local Blogger Event

  1. Oh, and thanks for including the photo of my office window! Here on the second floor, southwest wing of City Hall, I get to look out into the magnolia trees and beyond.

    • PIO: yes it’s a very nice view. You get to do some daydreaming!

      PA: just don’t mistake me for a politician, mover, or shaker. You wood fit that costume way before me. I’m just a working class dog.

    • And, I’m not even tryin, KB! Maybe my next client, or project, should bee you. I need to make some big buck$!$

      Cindy, I’m sure you have some crazy blogger’s out in Michigan as wel!

      ShSh, my K9 intuition tells me she probably does. For sure, this writer had a puff pastry today.