UPDATED: Hear Ye, Hear Ye! A Blogger Message





THE LATEST: Please go to the blog of City of Pasadena PIO – City Blogger Ann Erdman – the organizer of this current blogger gathering for the latest details on her tour & eats event. Thank her also for including us in her already 24/7 busy schedule!  Information on her blog supercedes what I first posted below.





This is a brief first word out to locals who are interested in blogging & building community:


There will be a Pasadena area blogger event on Saturday, May 8th.

Here in Pasadena


This particular blogger event will be unique.  Part of its specialness is that it may just be a one time thing. Therefore, if you wanna make it, then please try to make it.  Because it’s the people who make it happen, who give the life & energy to any event.

This is another opportunity for those of you who have sent words of regret for missing past gatherings, or especially,  those bloggers who have never come out from behind their computers to meet other locals bloggers.

Things have recently fallen into place, but some details are still being worked out. Plans are being finalized. Official word will be forthcoming very shortly from the courageous person in charge of cooking this big burrito.


I don’t really have much to say beyond the above. However, can you help us out with this question:

Q:  On a Saturday, is it easier for you to attend around noontime, or later, say around 5pm?


This has been a heads up. An opportunity to pencil it into your schedule if at all possible.  So, in the next few days keep a close eye out among the Pasadena blogs for the official details.  Spread the word to other local bloggers. Some may learn about this through other channels such as email or social media websites.


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Ok, Have a Stress-Free Week. And, Stay Thirsty My Friends…




53 responses to “UPDATED: Hear Ye, Hear Ye! A Blogger Message

  1. I’d be interesting in the blogger event, please send details when you have it. We’re juggling a few activities, including our Wubzy signing at 10:30 and a butterfly event at the Hastings library, but would love to attend and meet other local bloggers

    • Proud Pappa Eric, I hope you’ve read my blog updates which say visit the blog of the Pasadena PIO, the organizer of this event, for the latest information!
      Hope to see you & other new blogger’s on Sat!

      • Thanks for the invite, sounds very interesting! I am going to try to make it, but we are packed with activities for Mother’s day. Let me know if I can bring my wife and toddler. We can stop by after a book signing at Vroman’s by the creator of Wubbzy.

        • You mean Bob Boyle the Blogger?

          This will be interesting to say the least. And, probably can bring the wife & kids – if they behave themselves! Ask the PIO. Go to her blog and email or call her. Hope to see you.

      • PIO gave the go ahead, we’ll try. Would be nice to blog about it. Is lunch on the city?

        Bob Boyle is going to be at Vromans on Colorado at 10:30am this Saturday for about an hour. He is signing his new book. Hugo and the really really really long string. Really nice book for kids, I highly recommend it. Bob is a good friend of ours and the event should be fun!!!

        • Proud Poppa, unfortunately lunch for a brunch of people is not on the city tab. Especially in these govt budget deficit times! Still, join us at CPK to meet & greet your fellow locals.

    • Thanks, PIO Ann!
      Details are now coming in from Ann. Please visit her link above for more info on her blog tour event!

      Gena, maybe you’ll cover this on your PCC blogsite! 😉

  2. Cool but don’t stress over it. A place to sit and talk works for me. I have a purse or two that can smuggle in the Blood Orange Soda. The main requirement is bring your own body and let serendipity takes over.

    • Thanks for your vote, LEW!

      Readers: you’ll be reading details in the next day or two from another Pasadena blogger. Keep watch if you plan to go.

  3. At 5:00 or after I will definitely be available and Jim can also join in, if commenters are allowed as well.
    But since I don’t even wake up until Noon, well – you know what I’m saying…Yes to 5:00. No to Noon.

    • Shanna says later. If earlier in the day seems the best fit for the masses you may wanna make an exception by setting your alarm earlier.

      The First Lady, ahem Last Girl, votes for earlier. You’re one of the newbie blogger’s so we hope you can make a date to make it!

  4. I am definitely interested in a hang. Earlier in the day sounds good! I have yet to meet any other bloggers, this sounds interesting…especially the beverage potentials…

    • Restless Dez, oh my! Say it isn’t so! Don’t let your children here that! Official word of the details will be coming by this weekend! 😉

      Btw, preference for noontime or late afternoon??

      Hope to see you and say, “Hi!” for the 2nd time.

    • ChiefKathy, I’ve not heard of your no drinking, no blogging rule. It’s foreign to me. Is this something you imported from your travels? However, it does sound like something the Glendalians & So Pasa’s would abide in. With the southern Birminghamsters, I have no evidence for your law abiding claim.

      And, well, judging from what I’ve read of the Altadenite blogs and blogger’s, they’ve been under the influence of something.

  5. Cafe…I’ve not heard of the no drinking while blogging rule…actually, I rather thought it was quite the opposite…no drinking, no blogging…I believe that So Pas, Glendale and Birmingham abide by the latter…otherwise, how could we possibly spew all over our computers when the mirth overflows???

  6. Yeah… finally… I get to meet the top Dog! I’m setting aside the day and will work appointments around this gathering… so just let me know when it is and I’ll be there with doggie treats. 🙂

    • You’re gonna make it, IN? Then, I’d better too! This Top Dog feels more like a dead dog lately. My fav doggy treats are made of green & white paper. 😉

      KB, this dog only dresses in his birthday outfit. Another loco blogger is doing the heavy lifting on this one. I’m simply in the marketing dept. Keep your eyes/ears on call!

    • Painter Julie, this isn’t the 1st time we’ve allowed a So Pasa to be part of our local blogger gatherings. You & other newbies are very welcomed. Just behave yourself – you don’t wanna ruin it for other So Pasa blogger’s in the future! 😛

    • Youguys just sit tight for a little bit – final official information is just a few days away. (I’m not sure I understand what you meant about a “contest.”)

      Becky, this will be a small break from your Cal Techie activities.

    • Sarah, this is something that doesn’t happen every week or month. Heck, this particular blogger event may be the 1st & last of its kind!

      So, yes, please try to make it y’all if your schedule can be flexible.

      Friends, when details are finalized, in the next few days you’ll know the time & place to meet, etc. In the meantime, this post is simply to give you a heads-up.

      MD, I know you wood be here if you could fly outta Europe right now! 😛

    • You vote for earlier in day, Kathy.
      And, PA wants it later cuz she goes to school on Saturdays. Full details have yet to be finalized before any mystery is allowed.

      I knew pleasing blogger’s wood be a Mission Impossible.