A Dog among Women

Hmmm, I don’t think anyone has journaled about this. Okay then, leave it to a canine to tell the story.  I dunno how this is gonna sound but it’s either now, or into eternity.


I believe it was the evening of April 1st when I became 1 lucky K9.  Some of you may recall a talk was being given by one of our friendly loco bloggers, Petrea of PDP. For next to nothing!  And, that wasn’t all. Food was included!! 

I bear witness to that event. Your ace K9 reporter is back with the facts, and nuttin butt.  I think it was also April Fool’s when Petrea spoke but this was no trick or treat. It was a real informative steal.

A little background: Petrea, is best known in these parts as the personal assistant to the gentledog Boz deBoxer.  But, this nite she left her home…to pay a visit to Edmund Blinn!  The Edmund Blinn House to be exact. Oh my.  Nowadays, women just call it The Women’s City Club of Pasadena!   




What’s up with that you say?  Well, I dunno, but officially she was giving a lecture on tips on how to use your blog for business. That’s all I know. And, as I’m sure you humans are now thinking, “yeah, well, what does a dog nose anyhow!”




If you want more reliable information on this wunderful institution, check into these official publications.  If I were a woman, instead of a K9, with a few xtra pesos to spare I wood bee berry interested in joining them. After all, it’s an all women’s club!




But, I digest..

Back to the purpose of my visit that nite – food!  Ahem, I mean, primarily to listen to Petrea  lecture on the blogs & business.

I wasn’t sure I wood even bee abel two attend…Women’s Club!  Luckily an exception was made to allow a dog – this canine. I guess knowing Petrea and her master – Boz de Boxer – can sometimes help. 

Yet, on that nite I found myself behind schedule: 6:50pm my clock alerted.  I thought, “Crap, I missed their 6pm food call!  Forget it. I’m just gonna stay home or go out sniffing for food.”  True, PDP was still going ahead with her talk at 7pm.  Consequently, I felt I had to come support Petrea in her hour of public speaking. Late or not, hunger pains or not. I’m “nothing if not loyal”, another dog servant once told me.

So, I quickly got out and over to Edmund Blinn’s old home at 7:00 exactly! Ate whatever leftover sandwiches were left out for this K9. But,…I had to sit in the back, in the deepest recesses of the room.  (A dog – what you expect)  It was also SRO. Every sit filled.

I took note who had the front row seats.  A familiar purse holder seated right up close to Petrea was among them. Next time I’ll bring my binoculars.



Petrea quickly got down to business in a professional, if not professorial, manner.  Although, she gave me a bit of a spook when she started her talk by mentioning my name. 

She would give us her Top Ten List of tips to consider if you use a blog for business purposes.  Among her tips were:

  • Be consistent with posting to your blog.
  • The blog should have a business like or professional look.
  • Your blog exists to serve your customers/readers.
  • Etc, etc, et al…

Okay, we’re finished. Yes, I know I said 10 tips and I’ve given only you 3. I’m not the one who’s gonna give away her stuff as freebies!  If you want the remaining principles, I surmise you’re either gonna have to buy her book.  Or, invite her to talk at your next corporate function.  How much?  Well, Petrea is as good with a microphone as Sarah Palin so I don’t believe she comes for minimum wage.


Out of guilt & consolation, I will give y’all a couple of my own invaluable ideas on using a blog for business:  Engage your reader/customers by encouraging and responding to their comments.   Also, once you’ve attracted them to visit your blog, get to the point – unlike me. Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for.  Your reader’s attention span is very short! If they don’t see what they want they are clicking you off!  And, off they go to check out your competitor’s website instead.

So those are a couple of my own tips from someone who doesn’t blog for business. 

This has been only a short chapter on The Life of Petrea. Besides her own websites, for more you can peruse the extensive writings on her through the ages in this web journal.


Ok, maybe Raquel Welch didn’t turn me on enuf to go visit her a couple of nites ago. However, speaker Petrea was motivation enuf for me to go up to see her this nite.  Despite the fact I was physically closer to Raquel, it must have been the emotional connection I felt with Petrea that drew me to having to come visit her on that nite.















With That, We’ll Call it a Night! Stay Thirsty My Friends…




15 responses to “A Dog among Women

  1. May I add another bit of advise while your at it. If someone repeatedly comes to your blog and takes the time to read through your post and respond with a comment (over and over again) it would be a gesture of politeness to not only recognize their comment on your blog but to occasionally visit their blog and leave a comment as well. I mean really, don’t we all desire a little feed back?

    • I agree, PA. And, I’ve commented on this myself. Many of the very best local blogs get little or no comments! Then, there are some blogs which welcome & receive many comments but don’t reciprocate much – not even responding to comments left on their own blog!

      I try to “publicize” others blogs/blogger’s but, well, it’s eventually up to them to generate their own feedback.

      Writing blogs is Not easy. Reading & commenting is time consuming. Which is one big reason why most blogs are left to die or receive very few comments. On my blogroll I try to comment at least occasionally to all of them. Regular commenters to a particular blog are less common but should be appreciated – even if just to say in effect, “Just wanted to say, Hi!”

      One idea for anyone simply wanting more comments is to become a part of the City Daily Photo blogs. You’re automatically part of a “family” of blogs/blogger’s who ck into see each other is doing. It’s an assist – not a guarantee.

      Anyway, as a rule more people read blogs than leave comments on them.

      • I agree, too, with a caveat. I visit a couple of blogs where I’m a fan and I rarely receive a reply, and I don’t mind. It’s because I know the blogger is busy and the blog has a lot of fans. I know some bloggers get a lot of email over and above their comments, and it’s hard to respond to everyone.

        There are also regular commenters who aren’t entirely friendly or generous, and who become sort of nudgy. (Like nudge, nudge, needy.) Or rude. If someone leaves a rude comment on my blog I usually ignore it.

        But yes. I think blogging is reciprocal–that is, if you want people to keep coming. I got myself into a tough spot because I was following–well, I don’t want to tell you how many blogs I was following. (There are a lot of good blogs out there.) But too many of them were daily and I couldn’t keep up with them and keep up with my life, so I don’t visit them daily anymore. But I don’t expect people to check in with me every day either.

        Whoever thought of a daily blog? Oh, yeah, that guy who almost never responds to comments!

  2. Cafe, aren’t you sweet! The way you dashed out of there at the end I was afraid I might get a not-so-great review. Yes, the Blinn House is beautiful and I felt honored that the Women’s City Club invited me to speak there. It’s a great organization.

    Thank you, Cafe!

  3. Just recently had the pleasure of seeing the inside of the Blinn House. Spectacular place. Never seen anything like the glass fireplace. And would have liked to hear Petrea speak and learn more about this blogging stuff.

    • You visited the Women’s Club, MC? But, you’re not a dog, or a woman. Well, I hope you enjoyed your stay and fotos were taken. Sorry, you missed Petrea but I’m sure she’s available for other events.

      SG, so are you saying you had food from The Nose – or just El Portal? Offering food at a poetry reading sounds like a brilliant idea. When you find out what that sandwich was, lemme know too. The showcase window isn’t there anymore??

  4. About eating-your thing, right?
    So, okay; last night we ate at El Portal in Arcade Lane. Then we stolled along a short distance to The Nose where I had a great dessert wine and Jim had a “Flight”.
    But…after Linda Dove’s poetry reading, we were all treated to great sandwiches along with the ever-flowing wine. Some sandwich with sweet red sauce was sooo great! I’ll have to find out what it is.

    …Just a note here: I had , in past years, a showcase window in Arcade Lane. That was when I was seeking portrait commissions. It was a beautiful oak thing from Europe and I had my very own exhibits there. I gave it up (darn it) due to an over-extended schedule. It is no longer there . If if were, I would rent it again…

  5. I imagined it would be wonderful, and you leave me in no doubt, Cafe. I’m sorry you missed all but some leftovers, but you’re a loyal puppy. SRO for dear Petrea ~ excellent!!

    • I’m imagining what this event wood’ve looked like under your paint brushes, ShSh! I barely made this event & then had to promptly leave.

      Pulled Porker, don’t worry – you’re at least partially succeeding! So, please don’t bee discouraged. 😛

  6. And here I thought my blog existed to gross people out with fast food pics and my butchering of the English language. I knew I was doing something wrong…

    • Kathy, I’m sorry you missed it too. You were probably on one of your overseas missions with that guy. What’s his name, Hubman or something like that? You can’t have everything.

      SG, I barely made it. Then, I had to leave promptly at the end. Did you just drink at The Nose? Or, eat also: like their sandwiches.

  7. I was there! along with Jim (so glad guys & dogs were encouraged to attend) I met Petrea in person for the first time. I loved getting to hear her speak and that house was so gorgeous. I wish I had known you were there so I could have introduced myself.
    I also met Hiker. So now I know four of you bloggers.
    We went back to The Nose (Wine Bar) last night. Found out about it through Linda Dove’s poetry reading at Vroman’s. They had reserved the back room and the wine was really flowing along with great conversation. These events are so great! I look forward to more of them.