Public Service Announcements


Just a couple of quickies as l look at the weather out the window that signals the fall season has arrived. These winds will take the leaves off in short order. This should be a sign to y’all to start planning your Christmas shopping list before it’s too late. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


First up:

So, this is Earth Day. And what have we done. Another year older – put a candle on the birthday cake. A new year well begun. Have yourself a Happy, Happy Earth Day, My Friends.  May the bear & cougars live in peace in their land.

To continue with the public service announcements…

Second, if for whatever reason you were prevented from watching last nites “Idol Gives Back,” here in Pasadena. Maybe Elton John wasn’t your cup of tea.  Join the club. I mean, here’s another chance to make up for it while showing your love in Pasadena.

This will probably interest only my male readers who are interested in books, writing, and that sort: Author/writer Raquel Welch will be at the main Vroman’s, our favorite bookstore, in Pasadena this evening to sign her new book!

Raquel Welch booksigning New York City



Raquel: Beyond The Cleavage!


The title seems to work for me.  It has a certain appeal. I can’t exactly put my hands on it right now. Dunno.  It’s just a canine intuition kinda thing.



raquel-welch bookcover










Dunno how long the line up of suspects around Vroman’s will be to check out author Raquel tonite but this dog would wait for her long before a politician, actors e.g., George Clooney or Gary Cooper. And I can place bets there are plenty of little old men from South Pasadena who would wait until she comes.  You can take fotos – so take em!


Since this is Earth Day, in celebration we should meditate on the natural beauty that still remains around us. 


Associates For Breast And Prostate Cancer's Mother's Day Luncheon
Premiere of "Tortilla Soup"

If you happen to see Raquel Welch, tell her I said, “Hi!”, and sorry I missed her this time. I would rather see her in private. Not among the masses. So, tell her next time I wanna come when she comes.
Gotta Go. Got My Hands Full Today. Stay Thirsty My Friends!

9 responses to “Public Service Announcements

  1. Today is my mom’s 65th birthday and I was supposed to go to dinner. How much of a jerk move would it be to blow that off and go see Raquel? (I mean, I’m still doing it, of course; I’m just curious how rude that is of me. And who will be more mad – my mom, or my dad because he can’t go, too?)

    • Pulled Porker, I don’t sense you’re the kinda guy who is gonna bee stung cuz you can’t see more than one woman on the same day. Wait…, you’re married, right? So much for that plan.

      Maybe if you include as a bday gift a book signed by Ms Welch. So, of course, you had to go to the book signing.

  2. First off, your back to discussing Christmas. This scares me. I may have to gather together the local bloggers for a intervention. Move away from the tree!

    As to Raquel, maybe she reads your blog and will agree to a private meeting. As you say “I wanna come when she comes.”