Pasadena Idol Day

Wednesday evening, here at the Pasadena Civic, American Idol will again be producing their fund raising charity television event – Idol Gives Back!

Announced to appear and/or perform this year are…


Alicia Keys

The Black Eyed Peas

Annie Lennox

Carrie Underwood

Jeff Beck

Mary J. Blige


And, of course, the requisite unannounced guests. We will see how star-studded or entertaining this one is compared to past years. I could use some Robin Williams or KB right now.


Idol Gives Back - Show


If you are in a charitable mood or these performers are among your favorites, tickets were still available via TicketMaster.

I’m wundering how many still watch American Idol religiously? Don’t ask me – I find most show business is of the all show, little substance variety show.

Lemme know if you went to Idol Gives Back or see it on TV.


Gotta Run Off.  IThink the Girl at the next table is giving the IPad some nasty looks. Stay Thirsty My Friends…




9 responses to “Pasadena Idol Day

  1. I must admit…I have watched a fair share of American Idol (generally while putzing around fixing dinner)…I skip all the pre Hollywood stuff and pretty much don’t get interested until it gets down to the last six…then it’s pretty interesting to see the singers and how they truly do grow through the process…a bit too much hollywood shtick…but the performances are worth watching!!!

  2. Ooh, how fun! I love when musicians give back!

    By the way, the girl in the photograph posted on Cafe Fashionista on Monday is wearing an Isabel Marant faux-fur vest, I believe. Isn’t it gorgeous?! 🙂

    • ShSh, I was hoping you wood make a painting of this grand event.

      Pulled Porker, yes, I could see you contibuting but not at a profit. I wunder if they’re serving food?

  3. I actually heard about it a few hours ago for the first time; someone was trying to unload his tickets on me… for a profit. I declined.