Weather Report: Weekend Update

The View from the Mount Wilson Observatories atop the San Gabriel mountains in the Angelus National Forest at 1pm today, Sunday.  Thanks to the Mt Wilson tower camera for the image. This mountain overlooks the San Gabriel Valley, which includes Pasadena, California…


This sorta reminds me of starch and milk fat.





The Same View – yesterday, Saturday



This is one place you would take a newcomer to our area. Another site to take your Joe/Julie de newcomer is Newcomb’s Ranch. Did you know their well known mountain restaurant has recently reopened!  My intuition tells me at least one reader will doubt the word of a canine. So, they can check out the restaurant link which will lend support to my report. Support the eatery as they continue to recover, and hopefully expand, from last summers Big Station Fire.

Getting away from the foothills/the mountain entrances, and up & down into the deeper backcountry of the San Gabriel’s & Angeles National Forest is where our mountains are at their best – even after the Station Fire.


So, this has been the view this weekend from your periodic weatherman. The skies are darkening. Although up ‘til now, everything’s been fine. Lettuce hope at least for a quiet night. Until then, we’re just waiting…waiting. Sometimes you need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.


Gotta Get Outta Here. Stay Thirsty My Friends!






22 responses to “Weather Report: Weekend Update

    • Erika: it’s nice, but my heaven on earth wood bee you before a ranch restaurant. 😛

      PA, I have an unsteady stable busy job. I can’t just convert into the mountain man like some hikers, etc. You’re in the mtns more than me.

  1. I think you will need chains. Dog about town, can you get us an update on the campground and nature center next to Newcombs? Is it completely toasted? I know Vetter tower is

    • PA, WordPress is just trying to protect the blogosphere from harmful influences. I was never worth a damn as a fisherman.

      CLF, yes you should visit again – during a different season.

    • Marg, it took you a long time to figure that out? Not nice. I will try to make up a goddess to help you with that.

      KB, peckish? I can sea how it could raise your appetite but you must bee referring to my 4/6/10 foto.

  2. Looks like a fabulous place!!! Although I’m not so sure about driving back down the mountain after a wonderful dinner and a bottle of wine…is there a place to stay up there???

    • With your question suddenly I feel all my billions & zillions of brain cells, neurotransmitters, and brainy waves are colliding with each other. JA, keep up your quality & quantity of good blogging in the free world!

      Paula, not as much pollen as down south with you.