Quick Foolish Takes of April


Lettuce start the new month with just a couple of quick notes on happenings yesterday, the last day of the of de month:

An addendum to my locos in the local news of 3/26/10.  In the late afternoon I noticed yet another familiar name made the local paper. Public Editor Wilson, quotes Petrea Burchard the photographer, as leaving a comment  against soccer fields for kids in the Hahamongna!!

Doesn’t sound like the Petrea Burchard I know: actress, writer, actor, blogger, voice impersonator, friend to all, speaker.  Yet, most known in these parts as the personal servant for Boz the Boxer. Besides, my Petrea de blogger  rarely leaves a comment, even on blogs! 

I surmise it’s just a name coincidence.  It does get me to thinking about some other locos I would love to see in the news.



Girl (10-12) standing at podium (Digital Composite)

However, her name does remind me to remind you of the actress/writer/friend-to-all/blogger/speaker Petrea who will be giving a speech on Blogging for Business tonite!  Call the Pasadena Womens City Club @ (626)796-0560 to reserve a seat (at $6), if seats are still available.  So, be there or be…well, I’ll let you know after the talk.




For most of the morning I was at Citihall and the Citihall area taking care of business. No, not balancing the city budget by paying parking tickets.  However I’ve noticed the line to that window is usually vacant.  I guess most violators promptly pay their tickets through some others avenue.


I made sure to avoid the city council chambers where all kinds of insane fireworks have been known to occur. Who elects these “representatives” anyway!?


At lunch time, after having eaten lunch, I left Pasadena with a couple of local chefs into busy downtown LA.  To have lunch.  One of my very worthy dining companions just happened to be a professor of culinary studies at one of the top culinary institutions in the world.

Bohemian Pancakes with Radish Vinaigrette Sauce

We were basically trying out, or just eating, various fancy sandwiches. While all were good, only one was deserving of an encore. IMHO.  Ate at the bar and lounge area. All of us agreed in the great waiter/food service – from the bartender.

We found parking, saw, ate, reviewed, paid parking, and gotta out that maze – back to Pasadena!



So, just a few quick bites from Monday. The resta day was just more work. 


Gotta Do Some More of Something Today.  Stay Thirsty My Friends!




12 responses to “Quick Foolish Takes of April

  1. It was rather interesting for me to read that blog. Thanx for it. I like such themes and anything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon. BTW, pretty good design you have at that site, but what do you think about changing it from time to time?

    Natasha Stone

  2. Hm, I love how coy you’re being about the restaurant and the sandwiches.
    Starving readers need to be tossed a bone!!

    • Erika, you’re at least as busy as me darling. And, you know food is usually not so “amazing.”

      PA, I hope you read the fine print of what you sign.
      I’ll just say it was an xxpensive downtown LA restaurant. I’m working on all the leftovers I’ve collected for my fridge this past week.

  3. Go, Petrea!!

    Cafe, you have been busy today. But some nice busyness in amongst it ~ enjoying tasty snacks with chef friends sounds like a most pleasant past-time. And it’s dinner past-time for me, so off I go. Night night!

    • ShSh, I’ve been two busy four too long. I wish I could live in your paintings.

      Oh, the comment was left by you, PDP ?!
      You were very considerate to mention my name just once at the Womens Club!! (Btw, I haven’t posted about your talk, yet. This blog will probably bee mothballed before I get around to it)

  4. That was me, you bet. I’m not against soccer fields in general, but I’m absolutely against soccer fields in Hahamongna, no matter who they’re for.

    You are sweet to post about my talk and it was nice to see you there.