Jour du Macaron !!

Yes, you heard it right.  Happy Macaron Day!!

Uh, but no, not today…

Last weekend, March 20th to bee exact. Our 1st day of spring!

Where was I? Well, this was just another item I couldn’t timely publish in my journal. I wanted so much to, but just couldn’t find the half-hour I needed, nor the minimal half-brain concentration required to do a half-decent journalizing of this holiday, despite a couple of false starts.

Thus, have you ever heard of this original line of mine: Better Latte than Latter?!

(I plan to cease my blogging about Macarons in 2 or 3 months. Don’t want these treats to get to popular around here.)


Anyways, without further delay just a small taste of this very important, solemn, holiday!!

“Le Jour du Macaron was begun about three years ago by Pierre Herme, he who has so many sweet ideas.  And while it’s a fabulous pleasure for macaron lovers, it’s something more important as well: it’s a day to contribute to La Federation des Maladies Orphelines, a charitable organization that helps support rare illnesses that need research funding.  Members of the Relais Desserts, an organization of top pastry chefs, share some of the proceeds from the sale of their macarons with the Federation. It’s hard to imagine a more delicious example of a win-win situation. 

In 2005, renowned pastry chef Pierre Hermé and other members of the prestigious Association Relais Desserts started Jour du Macaron (Macaron Day), a yearly holiday on March 20 where bakeries would give away free macarons and raise money for Federation des Maladies Orphelines.” (


Mac rowsA


“For the first time, macaron lovers in New York City can celebrate too. This Saturday, March 20, marks the first annual Macaron Day NYC during which 13 shops (17 if you count multiple locations) are offering a free macaron per customer (tell the shop that you’re there for Macaron Day), and a portion of the day’s macarons sales will be donated to City Harvest. For more information, visit”   (

“It has been featured on film and television, in magazine articles and a new book called “I Love Macarons” by a Japanese pastry chef. Once the preserve of high-end French patisseries such as Ladurée and Pierre Hermé, macarons are showing up at retailers like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Starbucks. Even McDonald’s is selling a scaled-down version in its McCafés in France, backed by ads showing two hands holding the tiny treat like a hamburger.” (


Jour du Macaron/Macaron Day began in Paris, France 5 years ago by famed Pastry & Macaron Chef Pierre Herme.  It’s spread into a few other nations. Now, of course, New York City has followed the lead beginning this year.

Mac ChocA

Now, I can envision a Macaron Day in the Pasadena area next year…


Gotta Take a Test. A Taste Test. Stay Thirsty My Friends…




17 responses to “Jour du Macaron !!

  1. Did you see the recent articles in the press about how to make macaron? I’d rather just hunt and devour them, personally… Nothing like a wild caught macaron to satisfy!

    • Yes, I’ve seen them. Popularity is gonna produce a brunch of crappy macaron makers. KCRW did a radio show in Feb about local macarons – did you catch that?

  2. “…just a cookie…”?
    Cafe, when are you going to hike Hiker over to your fave macaron place for her epiphany?

    I’ve marked this in my diary for next year. I had no idea. You have your paw on the pastry pulse, pup. Thank you!!

    • IT Chick KT: lemme know about your macaron experience.

      Pulled Porker, there are other great things I prefer to eat, but half-shelled clams is not on the list.

    • MJ, I don’t think you’re gonna wait until next year to play hookie from doing work.

      KB, just a cookie? Ahem, it’s not even a cookie. Spoken like a true American. (I’ll try a different addiction, like hiking)

  3. Ok, you finally got me… all these posts about Macarons. I’ll admit… they look yummy, but I was never inspired to taste one. Saw some at Julienne’s in San Marino. Will try to head out there to pick one up one of these days.