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Monday March 22nd our local newspaper, the Pasadena Star-News, chose to feature two local goddesses I’m familiar with!  (I was gonna post this last Monday but I’ve succumbed to a bad mixture of being very, very busy tossed with tiredness, everyone wanting a piece of my time, and my usual shadow of laziness.)  On the same day. In the same section!  What are the odds?  Lottery numbers!


Margaret Finnegan de Writing Goddess from So Pasadena.

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And, Sumi Chang de Bread/Pastry Chef Goddess from Pasadena’s Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe.

Macarons tumblr_kx6xqc0hWK1qa2ay9o1_500_large



Talk about crazy Monday’s! Those fit right in with that theme.

The news surrounding these women wasn’t about any arrest, or Thelma & Louise type of activity on their part.  No, Thank God!

Nope.  It was rather positive!

Margaret writing in the Opinion section concerning a problem many of us can personally relate  either directly or through others we know.  She really is a talented & entertaining writer. If I were the editor of our local paper I would be a wise old dog if I gave her a regular gig.

And in the City Beats section, was mentioned something I already knew regarding some of the latest on Chang’s new bakery cafe across the Paseo Colorado. Something funny: When I began reading this newspaper and suddenly noticed the two paragraph mention of by the PSN, Sumi happened to be next to me!  I asked her, “did you see this today? They got you in the paper again.”  She hadn’t.  Took a quick peak & spell checked & went back to what she was doing.

I hope you read these stories if they got past you somehow last Monday.


I most enjoy this website when I can turn its spotlight on good, talented people. Even this canine recognizes there are a few good homo sapiens out there in our land.





Lovely Girl drinking coffee with K9

Gotta Go. Like I Said, I’m Tired & Lazy. I Need a Coffee & a Cafe…and a Friend to Share It With. Stay Thirsty My Friends…




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  1. random question–where did you find that drawing of macarons? i thought it was cute 🙂 and p.s. i’m actually going to take the plunge and make macarons one of these weekends. i hope i survive. wish me luck!

  2. CLF: I thought writers wood love it the most, of course. I could probably write an even better flyer!

    No sleeping-in late this weekend. ShSh, I hope two one day take a good enuf foto that you wanna paint it for your website!