Instant Snapshots


A Few Quick Snaps…







































































I Gotta Get to Work!  Stay Stress-Free & Thirsty, My Friends





22 responses to “Instant Snapshots

    • Thanks, KB, for the reminder! This wasn’t a birthday post, so that kinda slipped by me as well! You can go toast a glass of champagne/wine on my behalf.

    • Thanks, Miss J: everyone seems to have a higher opinion of these fotos than me. (Quick and Snappy) I wish I could write as GREAT as you…

      PA, who says these are eggrolls?? Where did you sip your coffee in SilverLake reservoir?

  1. Hanging out in the Adjacents?

    Happy memories sipping coffee in Silverlake where my best friend once lived. I’ll pass on the San Gabriel egg rolls (prefer spring rolls). San Gabriel is a great city to get a cat or visit a Mission.

    Did you ever return to that hair salon?

  2. Oh, I love these pictures. I want to visit each of these locations in person…they all have a special type of magic about them – not to mention that the food looks yummy!! 🙂

  3. Wonderful shots, and thanks for the visit … this time last year, I was visiting Pasadena and enjoying every single minute. Wish I could be there again, especially since spring teased us in Michigan last week, then went off again on her fickle way … Thanks for the California dreamin’

  4. Yes, I’m loving the pseudo-polaroid look too, Cafe! A nice collection of very different outlooks. Amazing what a puppy can find when he’s out and about.

    • Paula: La Mill is a gourmet coffee shop. Next time in LA, it’s a go to place if you like coffee. Coffee is Excellent!! But, the good is hit & miss.

      Kat, your #1 coffee spot. Do you drink coffee everyday? The method of brewing that day is as shown. But, I guess a picture’s thousand words aren’t enuf! 😛

  5. Great snapshots! I like the instant photo look. And La MIlle is awesome! My number one coffee spot. Which method did you use for brewing? My favorite, just for the sheer rube goldberg contraption-esque of it is “siphon.”

  6. Ooh, you’ve beautifully captured one of my favorite foods – those golden egg rolls.

    I hear LA Mill is fabulous, but haven’t been there.

    • Spring rolls are good. However, these aren’t the best, SC.
      Best black coffee I’ve ever had @ La Mill. They need to open next in Pasadena. Their HQ is next door in Alhambra.

      Pulled Porker, it was good. You could find better.