The Slaw Dogs meet The Gastronomer

I like the Slaw Dogs – the new gourmet hot dog stand on Upper Lake Avenue here in Pasadena. Been there a couple times since they opened last month.

I also know Catherine de Gastronomer, my favorite food blogger friend who happens to live/work here in Pasadena while finding time during her days off to travel the world to bring me back her food discoveries!  smile_secret  Even gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches: which is what she, me, and couple other foodie friends tested last week in Pasadena. But, she’s getting married soon, to a Cal Techer who appears to be intelligent.  So her daze of wining, dining, and traveling may soon have to give way to sitting & staying at home more!!  Making sure the new hubby is happy, of course.   smile_wink  


Then again, I actually expect her to one day be a full-time professional food/restaurant writer. Maybe LA Weekly?  For starters.  Seriously.

But before that day comes, here is her current restaurant review on the Dogs of Slaw. I have my own opinion on this joint & food, naturally, but her review on this new place is nearly identical to what I would say.  So, without further ado, please take note of Catherine’s take on the Slaw:


In between consulting with a hair and make up gal who charged $400 for her services and visiting a bridal store that threatened a $100 rush fee for simple alterations, I gladly dug into some (relatively) cheap hot dogs at The Slaw Dogs. After being gouged left and right, the gourmet wiener shop felt like a sanctuary where brides-to-be could be properly fed without being nickel and dimed. What a relief. (Read More here)





Oh, btw, I did offer to do Catherine’s hair & make-up for half the price quoted above.  I’m still waiting on her response.

I’ll add this re Slaw Dogs.  If they ever get their weak link fixed (no bun intended) – the bun, then they truly can say as a reviewer in wrote last month:   “Hot dog stands across Los Angeles should be shaking in their boots right now. Ray Byrne of The Slaw Dogs in Pasadena has taken hot dogs to a whole new level!”  and  “Little does Pink’s know it, but there’s a new sheriff in town. Move over, little dog. The big dog’s movin’ in!


For more appetizing restaurant reviews, particularly located outside of Pasadena, please check into Catherine’s Gastronomy blog. She’s a sweetheart with a tasty palate.




I Have to Run. Suddenly Hungry for Some Reason.  Hmmm…Well, Stay Thirsty My Friends!



26 responses to “The Slaw Dogs meet The Gastronomer

  1. I’m impressed with your take on these dawgs but for me, hot dogs are simple fare that I can rely on when I’m too tired to cook so I don’t know that I would be a big fan. However, if there’s slaw involved…

    • PJ, are you back to blogging? I think you wood bee a fan of these.
      PA, then you don’t really know until you tried. Take a risk. Be creative & try these hot dogs. Afraid you’ll have a change of opinion? 😛

  2. No, never, don’t want to. My point is that their dogs are boiled. I like the casing on a dog burnt to a carnogenic crispness. If not, a dollar a dog at Hollywood Park in the summer watching 80’s bands, I missed out on the English Beat. Curses!

    • You don’t have to ck it out. You can send Mr J to do this errand for you if it’s too much trouble. Either way, it’s about time for your monthly restaurant review Miss J.

      Kb, I’m suddenly interested in cking out your chain.

  3. Yep…can’t say that I’m drawn to the gourmet style weiner dog…I’m a traditionalist when it comes to hot dogs…the good news is their Chicago dog is the closest to the Chicago dogs at Mustard’s in Long Beach, fav hot dog place up til now…and PA your style dogs sounds scrumptious to me!!!

  4. My dogs are better. Onion, mayo and mustard blended. Add a Hebrew International dog thats been sliced in half and burnt beyond recognition. Then clamp the mess with a toasted and buttered bun.

    Martha is my mentor

    • Yes, LA, BW did blog about it. Wheat, or Gluten, allergy? How much wheat is in a cheap white hot dog bun?

      Erika, and I would love to feed you to a big hot dog when you come down!

    • Agree, ShSh, but these buns are just basic, nothing special buns. Certainly don’t match the quality of the resta hot dog.
      Chief Kathy: you went to a special, gourmet hot dog stant but Didn’t get one of their gourmet hot dogs? Ok, that means you need to return to it out!

  5. Good dog, Cafe!!! I actually went to Slaw Dog today for a late lunch…I went off menu and ordered, my fav, a Chicago dog…very traditional, very good!!! As for the bun..pretty standard…I’d prefer one that has enough substance it doesn’t fall apart half way through though!!!

  6. Oh I will send this to my best friend… On Saturday she cooked a delicious meat pie for Marlon her dog! She will be delighted to know there are places like this there… 😀