Survival Update: Historic Chantry Flat


My commenter’s, and some other readers, may recall my blog post a few weeks ago concerning Chantry Flat in the Angeles National Forest above Arcadia & Sierra Madre.

The survival of its general store along with its unique and historic Mule/Donkey Pack Station are being threatened by Los Angeles county’s 21st century rules and regulations.  Unless they can come up with thousands of dollars to comply with those legal requirements. 




Now this morning, locals may have noticed the Pasadena Star News has as its front page article this threat from big government to this beloved & historic fixture in our San Gabriel mountains:

Some might say the general store in Chantry Flat is stuck in a time warp that takes visitors back to the 1950s.

Be that as it may, owners of the Adams’ Pack Station – thought to be the last of its kind in the United States – said they find themselves stuck between the county Department of Public Health and federal and state authorities. (Click to Read More)



Today the threat remains more real than even a reality show. If you use these mountains to camp, hike, or just to admire and photograph, please show your support as I journalized in my original posting:


Tax-Deductible donations can be made online via PayPal to:
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Please go to their website and click on the donate button.

Or, paper checks can be sent to:

"FRIENDS OF THE SAN GABRIELS"  4617 Knoxville Ave, Lakewood CA 90713

If you think of any other help you can provide, we would really appreciate it.

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    • ChiefTess, this could be the next fabulous travel destination your husband takes you!

      KB, thanks, but I’m rather hoping all this is good for the Pack Station & Chantry Flat.