Julie Hill: South Pasadena’s Painter Divine!

Well the Blog awards just keep coming to the dog even when I’m not seeking them.  smile_sniff


City of Pasadena, Australia, etc. And now, South Pasadena! I’m gonna have to dig more holes to stash away my treasures!


I want to thank the members of The Academy of Excellence in Blogging Arts & Creativity for bestowing on me the  Julie Hill Painting Commenter Award! 

Periodically, Julie will select a reader who leave comments on her blog for this honor.  Some luck has been floating my way in this New Year.

There are many, many others to be thankful to for this.  South Pasadena Julie of course, a long, long time blog friend of many, many a day!  Yet another creative soul who increases my envy of all you artists.

To commemorate this recognition, Julie the Painter of Watercolor also included the following wunderful watercolor Note Cards.  Such magical works of art that I kinda don’t wanna write in them.  These cards show Pasadena Citihall of all places!  Besides Citihall, you can also purchase a set with any of her other works of art.





Visit much more of her artistry at her websites:  Capturing Life with Brushstrokes and J.Hill Paintings.  Commission work?  She’s available to turn your wild ideas into art!

Julie began her blog just a few months ago, so maybe you still need to place your first visit to her sites. Please check them out and say, “Welcome!”  Get out of your old blog routine and visit a new blog.  There are millions around the world so at least check into a new one in your neighborhood!


Julie in her own words:

My paintings are a reflection of what I see, real or interpreted, the play of color and light…..and the feelings evoked. Enjoy !


Where is My Horse Where’s my Horse?


Julie’s award winning paintings are in many private collections across the nation and are exhibited in several local galleries. In addition, many of her works have been commissioned by interior designers and corporations.


Thanks again, Julie! You’re a talented sweetheart. Please check her out.




I Gotta Rush Outta Here! I need to start working on my own award – The Dog Bone Blogger Award. The Most Prestigious in the Blogosphere. Stay Thirsty My Friends…




11 responses to “Julie Hill: South Pasadena’s Painter Divine!

    • KB, as can bee expected you’re a hiker of a few generous words.

      Liz de PA, “seem” is correct. I’m no Gallery Observer – just an Artist Observer.
      Plus, the artist I was most acquainted with, Palm Axis, is still missing in action. If you come across her, let her know we’ve been searching for her, with bloodhounds, homo sapiens, et al.

  1. Oh dear…what can I say?….just “thank you” doesn’t seem enough….well I welcome each and everyone one of Cafe Pasadena’s readers to visit my blog and view my work. I promise to treat you with the kindness and respect you are used to from this here blogger. Thank you so much for the kind words, compliments and support!!

    • If thank you doesn’t seem enuf, Julie, then maybe a painting of my Dog Bone Blogger Award would!! 😛

      Keep up your fine art. I hope at least a couple of my readers make the short hike to visit you in So Pasa.

  2. Oh, so pretty! I love the colours and movement in Julie’s works, which I checked out after you boasted shamelessly about winning her cards. 🙂 I’m all for using beautiful things all the time, but I too would hesitate to write in those. They’d be lovely framed. Good luck with the hole digging, puppy, as I’m sure you’re going to need plenty more of them.

    • ShSh, I’m glad you like her artistry. Just send me some of your own wunderful art and I will also shamelessly boast to the world about you!! 😛

      Puilled Porker, if you win one of my awards, yours I will call the Hot Dog Bone award!

  3. Those are really nice paintings. But now you’ve inspired me to work even harder and maybe in a few years I will deserve consideration for a Dog Bone. What an honor that would be.