Girl Scout Month


I was cruising down the Boulevard last Friday afternoon. Orange Grove here in Pasadena. At the end of a working day.  When I came across a scene on the highway…

I faintly caught a brunch of young & not so young females waving  in my direction.  What’s this?

Am I dreaming.   Or, have they just recognized woman’s best friend?

To confirm the reality of this dream I did a once over around the corner drive by…



No dream. This is Reality!


It’s Girl Scout Cookie Month.


And, yes, I bot a box. One box.  Moderation. Just for starters.

I felt a bit guilty cuz I planned to buy them from Mrs. Beginagain of So Pasadena –  a mature girl scout. But she’s been quiet on the cookie front this season.

I couldn’t wait for her. I had to buy cuz I had an urge to eat some girl scout cookies!  If Beginagain is selling this year, I recommend she get the word out to all of us, or just me. And I also suggest she come to the Altadenites potluck armed with a few cases of girl scout cookies!

If you only eat cookies once a year, support the Girl Scouts by buying from them! They have about 6-8 varieties.  Mints are most popular.






Gotta Take a Break! A Cookie Break. Stay Thirsty My Friends





17 responses to “Girl Scout Month

  1. Scouts here don’t seem to be big into cookie drives [we’d call them Biscuit Drives], or at least, my sister isn’t offering me any! But a business associate in the States several years ago sent me a box of these Thin Mints and I recall thinking they were most tasty. Though Hiker’s choc-covered peanut butter ones sound pretty darn good, too.

  2. Still prefer the Mint ones. And ya know, I still remember the experience of selling them door-to-door in my old neighborhood, back in the 1960s. We didn’t set up stands at the entrances of stores back then.

    • Miss Janey has found me?! Should I jump up & lick you, or issue a warning bark & hide my tail!? 😛

      Professor Marg, it doesn’t sound like you’re a professor of marketing.

      Samoa’s are good but only 3rd best IMHO.

  3. Coconut for me!

    I dropped out of Brownies having found the experience bordering on torture. If a goddess such as Margaret had been running the show, I’d have gladly stayed.

    • PA, coconut macaroons? Maybe or maybe not.

      Chieftess Kathy: where in the world are you signing in from now – Samoa?! What about bacon covered mints! I’m wundering if Mrs. Beginagain hears you.

  4. I’m rather partial to Samoa’s (which was a new flavor back when I was selling them)…Actually, I’ve already eaten a box…yep…me…just me…(not all in one sitting, maybe, almost…) The thin mints are on the sink waiting for the Hubman to indulge!!! But never fear…if Ms Beginagain comes to the picnic, we’ll buy more!!!

    (Anybody remember the mint cookies that were long sticks with corn flake crunchies on them?)

  5. Being an old girl scout myself, I’m partial to frozen thin mints….delish!

    Say, we could use some of Ms. Beginagin’s girls up at the store, since no Altadena troop came calling….we are missing cookies!

    • LW, I hope Margaret’s hearing is ok. You’ll wanna advertise it on your website once you get some scouts.

      KB, wanna chocolate peanut butter sandwich?