2010 Rose Parade / Rose Bowl / BCS Coverage


First, lemme bee the last to wish y’all a Happy New Year 2010!!  The year has just begun.


Second, The Tournament of Roses has recently released their 2010 Tournament of Roses Highlights Video via You Tube.

It’s less than 8 minutes and IMHO, it’s really cool!! I was taken by surprise at how well it held my attention throughout!  This short video covers a wide range of the goings on around the Rose Parade & Rose Bowl. It feels like the next best thing to being an eyewitness to all the events particularly if you miss it completely this year.

Anyway, click below and don’t be surprised if you find yourself watching it from start to finish!  Relive the many activities, from beginning to end, with the highlights video below:



Lemme know what you thought of the Tournament of Roses video summary. Did you have a similar opinion to mine?



Time to Get Going! Have a Weekend of Comfort & Joy!





8 responses to “2010 Rose Parade / Rose Bowl / BCS Coverage

  1. Okay, Cafe– this comment has nothing at all to do with the Rose Parade, but about Elements Kitchen, instead. I’m hijacking for just one moment…. Went there last night with husband and friends and discovered that the chef is starting to do Sunday night low-cost prix fix dinner! 35$ for 3 courses. We were out for 50 bucks apiece with a glass of wine or two. It’s completely worth a visit… especially if their regular prices cause sticker shock. It was really excellent. I’m hoping that interested people can support this place– we need all the awesome restaurants in Pasadena we can get!

    I now de-hijack this thread. 🙂

    • K, I hope you took a pic & put it up on your wunderful Pasadena 91105 Daily Photo blog! Elements told me they plan to open for lunch by next year. (If they are still open at that location! 🙂 ) I have a bittersweet memory of Elements because they deliciously catered the end of the year party for the So Pasadena Tournament of Roses in 2008. I got sucked into conversations & shutter-bugging instead of repeating 2nds at the buffet line!! Elements is gonna need some good luck at that Playhouse graveyard for restaurants.

      PA: June, August? June or August…what month are we in?

  2. I’ll have to take your word for it, Cafe! My internet connection is up and down all over the place at the moment and I couldn’t watch the video, but it sounds like a good’un.

    • ShSh, funny how a friend living in Asia recently told me the about same internet problem! Hopefully your internet service will be stable soon.

      CLF, some of us appreciate living or working here. Others, leave town during that time! Take care of yourself.

  3. How lucky you are to live there — hope you appreciate how truly lovely it is! Thanks for the video smiles and the reminder of a wonderful visit last year.