Euro Pane 2 Update


This note in the 2/28/10 Pasadena Star-News by Janette Williams was brought to my attention:

For a while it looked as if the long-rumored move of EuroPane, Sumi Chang’s pastry palace was imminent after 15 years as the Colorado Boulevard haunt of Pasadena’s sweet-toothed  movers and  shakers.  A chic new EuroPane Bakery and Cafe sign is pictured on the ground floor of the pricey Montana Residences on "Pasadena Real Estate by Brigham Yen."  Yen refers to the business across from Paseo Colorado as Chang’s "second shop." Not so fast, Chang says. Nothing is definite, she hasn’t signed anything yet, and has concerns about the parking and kitchen prep space.

Maybe it’s all about the dough.


In business, as especially in politics, it’s always about the dough no matter the type of business: restaurants, news media, entertainment, designers, etc.  2nd, don’t think for any second I’m either sweet-toothed or a movers & shaker!  Sweets I take under controlled moderation. Incidentally, moving isn’t a favorite pastime – plus, putting friends/family into the mix won’t sweeten it.  Shaker? I think earthquakes so I’m not with that rambunctious crowd either.



However, for the management of the Montana Residences to let Euro Pane’s Chang slip away now would be, in my opinion, in poor judgment for the economy of that stretch of Colorado Boulevard.  I’ve read the Paseo may be underperforming. Oh, and we know about the historic & critically acclaimed Pasadena Playhouse…


Anyways, what the Star-News says just follows along with the wait & see perspective I shared previously in this blog: Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe II   Nevertheless, I do anticipate a new Euro Pane – here, or somewhere else.  Besides, she always has her popular original location. 





Gotta Run – It’s past my Lunch Time!!





10 responses to “Euro Pane 2 Update

  1. Clarification is only confusing me.

    Lets say in the next hour (as I write this…that would be 3:42 PM) I were to head over to Euro Pane, would I be able to buy a macaroon (assuming they have some)????

    are the doors open right now or is it a situation of “Until further notice”??

    • PA, confusion is part of the artist.
      Yes, I feel confident there will be at least macaron available for purchase at 3:42pm. IF, you go to the EP which is currently open: the original @ 959 E. Colorado. However, I have noticed the last 2 months customers seem to be buying more macs than ever. Last week someone ordered about 2 dozen!

      Irina, you came here to make me feel guilty. I am, I know.
      Yours has been the common complaint which most of us can accept since we are there for the French pastries, etc. One problem is EP is relatively small. They can be quiet, mostly empty, no one in line but then they get these sudden rushes of customers! I look up and 10 people are suddenly in line & the place is full. Then, many customers (usually newbies) don’t know where to put there dirty dishes despite signs! They’ll even leave it at the order counter! What’s left after these rushes can be their leftovers (a mess!)

      Sooner rather than later! Still, the great majority of eateries have less than stellar service & cleanliness. I think the best days for EP’s service & cleanliness are still in the future.

  2. Love the treats and Euro Pane but the last couple of times I’ve been there, the cleanliness and service were less than stellar. Expansion is great, but sometimes can be painful.

  3. Sometimes part Two’s are a good thing…sometimes not such a good idea after all. I Hope whatever happens you can still get your Macaroons!! Oh how I love Macaroons and oh how they love my bum.

    In other news….come see the Ask Me where you are the first question answered! Oh, it must be love 😀

    • Mesina, there you go again being an artistic nutty flirt! You know this dog tries long & hard to avoid falling into temptation by married women!!
      Btw, EuroPane’s Macarons were mentioned recently on a local public radio food program as being among the best around (o/s of France, of course!) And, thank you for your revealing answer – you’re one of my betters in blogging.

  4. Thank you for the further news, Cafe. As long as you can still get whatever snack you’re chasing down from them at any given time, that’s all ok with me. 🙂