What the Station Fire or anyone else couldn’t do to the Adams Pack Station (APS) at Chantry Flat in Big Santa Anita Canyon, Los Angeles County may do…


Put The APS General Store outta business!!



But 1st, let’s take a 5 minute history lesson from National Public Radio: The Adams Pack Station




And now, a message I and other supporters received just the other day from one of the owners of APS and a Big Santa Anita Canyon cabin owner – Deb Burgess:


The general store in Chantry Flat at the Pack Station needs your help.  The store has been in continuous operation for some 57 years and now is being forced into the 21st century. The L.A. County health department has determined that the general store has to be brought up to 2010 County health codes.  The modifications required are costly and we are appealing to you, our friends and visitors for help.

1st Some history.  The pack Station was located in Sierra Madre until 1936.  At that time the paved road was constructed  (the same road you drive on today).  The Pack Station was moved to its current location at that time.  In 1953 a General store was opened that offered cold drinks, Ice cream, and hiking information. With the antique emergence phone system in place, rescues were coordinated for injured or lost hikes. The store soon became the focal point of Big Santa Anita Canyon.

In 2006 Deb and Sue Burgess bought the Pack Station and General Store.  It was apparent that the store was not a profitable situation and that on a good month, "break even" was a major accomplishment. Rather than close the store a Non-Profit organization was formed.  " Friends of The San Gabriels" took over operation of the Store. A large deck and tables were added.  The store has become a place to relax with a cold drink or ice cream in the summer or sit around the fire with cup of hot cider or hot chocolate in the winter.  Since 2006 the Store has distributed over 80,000 Forest Adventure Passes (saving visitors a trip back to the city), 40,000 bottles of soda, water, Gatorade and juice, Fed over 12,000 hungry hikers, given out 48,000 free trail maps and advice and hiking tips to over 300,000 visitors. The store has also coordinated some 175 rescues, some as minor as a sprained ankle to as serious as fractured bones and life threatening injuries.


The L.A. County Health Department has determined that we must make some changes to the store to stay in business and offer cold drinks, ice cream, Forest Adventure Passes, maps and more. These changes require modifications to the food storage area, additional plumbing fixtures and a revamp of the existing drainage system. All work must be done by licensed professionals and meet with building department requirements. Estimates for all the work range from $5,000 to $10,000. We hope the final expense will be somewhere in the middle.

Tax-Deductible donations can be made online via PayPal to:
We have setup a PayPal account.
Please go to our website and click on the donate button.

Or, paper checks can be sent to:

"FRIENDS OF THE SAN GABRIELS"  4617 Knoxville Ave, Lakewood CA 90713


If you think of any other help you can provide, we would really appreciate it.

Thanks! Have a Great Day!
Deb Burgess




Big Santa Anita Canyon, of which Chantry Flat is a part, is a major area of the our Angeles National Forest. One deeply rich in history. Mules, a general store, cabins, waterfalls, creeks, rivers, Camp Sturtevant, a pack station, wildlife, hiking trails, campgrounds, a Forest Service station, are just some of the things in this canyon.  It’s been said a visit to Big Santa Anita Canyon is like a visit to the 19th century.

But losing the general store at Chantry Flat would be an economical quake felt throughout the canyon.

If you care even just a bit about our San Gabriel mountains, please give something. If you’re a hiker, camper, or even tourist, please give.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog yet who rarely if ever leaves a comment, please don’t leave without leaving something to save the General Store. Even a devalued dollar is still huge in this time of need.



Gotta Go!  Time to make my Contribution. What about You?




15 responses to “Save! – CHANTRY FLAT – HELP!!

  1. I want to Thank Everyone who have gone out of there way to get the word out about or “little” situation. We are struggling, but with great friends, family, and community I know that we will persevere. The response has been amazing. We have had offers to help with construction, plumbing, painting, and of course donations.

    We are look forward to the day that we will be able to again cook those famous canyon dogs, kick-ass burgers, and pulled pork sandwiches.

    Thank you again everyone!

    • PDP, thanks for visiting. Come back if you forgot to leave your contribution.

      KB, I don’t know if it’s bad luck or more likely being in a unique & challenging location to serve & do business. The govt mainly wants to find every source of possible income – especially in this economy.

  2. That poor place has been hit by bad luck and dire straits for at least the past decade. I certainly wish them luck (and doesn’t the health dept have more important things to do?)

  3. That looks like a quaint spot with a lot of memories, not to mention important to the community. I hope Deb and Sue are inundated with donations. Good on you for spreading the word, puppy!

    • ShSh, thanks. You know about donating. it’s in our national forest – our local mountains just about 15min from Pasadena.

      The Websters: you know about longevity, history & these local mtns. The Burgess’ will welcome you donation.

      Daisy, send me cash or a ck & I’ll see that they get your donation from Europe!

  4. I don’t have a credit card (I know you will be shocked, but it’s not necessary here in Italy if you don’t buy anything online)… 😦

  5. Dear Cafe Pasadena…..Thank You so much for visiting my blog and posting such kind words. And congratulations, you have posted the 250th comment on my blog so you win a set of J Hill Original watercolor paintings note cards!

  6. Good Job Cafe Observer Dog! Do you know what amount of time the store has been given in which to comply? Do they have an address or box for checks? I was recently identity thefted and changed over all my info. I’m gun shy about putting sensitive information back online.

    • I’ll get that info for you, PA, and update the post. I feel your pain re your ID thievery problems. Thanks for whatever you can donate!

      Pulled Porker, I just hope a low number of comments left here will not be a reflection of the interest readers have for their local mountains & history. But, I know I can count on the beer drinkers & hot dog lovers to contribute something. Thanks!