Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe II

Well, I’m told it’s become widely known on the internet and from there down to the street, so no reason for me to hold off any longer getting my spotlight out for those locos still out of the light:



Apparently a new Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe will soon be opening in the Paseo Colorado shopping district!


People have told me “it’s on the internet”, “customers are talking about it”, “it’s all on Twitter & FaceBook!”, etc.

No doubt it would certainly be a real coup if the new and “very posh” Montana Residences were able to lure French pastry chef/owner Sumi Chang to finally open up another Euro Pane! Plus, it should bring more shoppers across to that section of Colorado Boulevard.

Fine. It’s probably gonna happen. And, Yes, the name went up in lights a couple of days ago, however,… may I temper everyone’s enthusiasm just to say that until the doors open for business – nothing has changed!  There is still only the original Euro Pane near Lake & Colorado, and no other.

Of course many of us wood love to have a new Euro Pane.  But, I’ll believe it only when I actually see it open for business.





For many of us it’s been a little unpretentious hangout for the Pasadena community, offering quality French pastries, great Jones Roasters coffee, tasty sandwiches, and just an intangible comfort vibe, etc, etc. All at relatively low prices for the excellent quality you receive.  Like many small business owners in this industry she has put in long days & early hours to establish Euro Pane as one place in Pasadena you should visit.  Yet, it may not please everyone and eateries shouldn’t have to.




At the moment, however, the cafe is empty, dark, and the doors are locked.  Hopefully that will change soon.





Ok, I Gotta catch some sleep. I’ve said enuf about this!  Let’s Just Wait & See…


















18 responses to “Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe II

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  2. Yesterday I went looking for macaron recipes. I think this is why they’re closed. They need a break. It’s a lot of work by hand – unless they have machines and/or minions. I think they’re probably off somewhere getting physical therapy.

  3. Rumor has it that Rod’s in Montebello will be taking over the Europane’s Pasadena location. I look forward to the astroturf patio and waitress Bev. She may not weigh over 100 pounds, but that sky hi bee hive “doo” gives her some extra heft.

    • Which location?! Anyway, yeah yours is just the latest rumor I’ve heard re EP & EP2! No kidding.

      ShSh: I’m just not counting my chickens before they hatch. This is Hollywood after al!!

  4. Two things: I’m actually Happy to know that there’s going to be a EP II (most probably!)! For some reason, that extra little hike toward that end of town for me, makes it just thaaaaat much harder on a busy day to get there. Lazy. YES. And is it that much easier, really to get to Paseo? No. It’s all psychological.

    And two– what’s the consensus on pronunciation. Euro-pan-ay (as I sometimes hear) or Euro-pain. The way it is spelled? I’m not going to say which way I pronounce it. I don’t want to be called out as wrong.

    • Kat, I’m sure with some customers a short few blocks will determine how often they come and/or to which location. Otherwise, yes – it’s all in your head!

      Re: the pronunciation of Euro Pane. First, it’s actually 2 words. 2nd, I’ve heard it said a few different ways. I myself would prefer to say it as Euro-Pawn-nA. I think the most correct is how the owner or Italians would pronounce Pane (italian for bread.) So, I think it’s this: Euro-Pawn-E , with the last syllable/word being anything but silent.

      Erika, your opinion, coming from a fashion/style conscious girl like you is saying something. Next time your down here, you know to look me up.

      • Yay! I’ve been saying it the right way (more or less.) Of course, since I never said in my original comment which way *I* pronounced it I could be lying now…

  5. Wow! I absolutely adore the clean, modernistic aesthetic. You can definitely see the European influences just from looking at the design. I can’t wait to hear about their baked goods!! 🙂

    • KB, I understand. it’s a long, hard trip down from the mountain. So, you mite wanna come by horse. Anyways, come as you are. No need to change out of your latest hiking fashion.

      SG, I hope you’re not waiting for another gift card to go again! I’m sure perhaps the best egg salad sandwich in the world will stay on the menu as long as there is a Euro Pane.

    • Don’t worry Restless Dez. This dog and all you flirtatious women will rule out any chance of pretension. Besides the proprietress is an unpretentious sweetheart herself.