Women aka Flirts

Women are natural, or habitual, flirters.  

They may protest this. But, from my experience they need little encouragement for their true colours to shine brightly for the wise to notice.

They can’t help themselves. It’s in their nature. In their genes.

I know my readers. You’re filled with the proper experience and/or creativity:  writers, well-read, hikers, wine drinkers, actors, painters, fashion/stylists, seminarians, cooks & eaters, “car” washers, lady shutterbugging, bloggers, university or bar bred, etc, et al!

Admit your fav flirt techniques. Give it up here, because you’ve given it up out there for all to see.  Come on. Well, here are just a couple of your secret flirts: Smile & Laugh (No!, don’t tell me you don’t do this one!), Whisper expletives to your girlfriend, Giggle (4 no reason), and among this liberal group of mature women last but not least some of you will do the old Hike de Skirt trick on the poor dudes!  smile_devil  They are hanging on for dear life as their heart explodes in beats.  But, this just brings on another smile & laugh.

See!  Cause I see you! You’re Hot so y’all wanna put it out there as the perfect irresistible flirts. I know many of you. Too many of you. You talk, I listen.  You talk, I nod.  You talk, I eat a macaron. I talk, I nod, off.  I hear your stories…over & over. I the priest – you the sinner.  Which makes me a sinner cuz I kinda enjoy your creative writings & stories. They can even bee just about washing your car.  However, I can’t be there for y’all all the time. So, some turn to eating or cooking, or blogging about this or that, here or in the thereafter.

Can’t help yourselves. You are what you are. Plus, with you gals around it’s no wunder poor little old graying bald men from South Pasadena are hopelessly caught in your web of flirtations. Couldn’t deny it even if they paid you in your favorite drink, food, dessert, clothing, or…just got married.  You love it.  The old Catch & Release! Yet, these are just a small sample of your tactics in your purse of tricks.

Wanna know more flirtations?  Not that you don’t already know.  Well, then check out Pasadena author Dianne Emley’s newest website:  Dianne Emley’s Blog – I write therefore I am!!  Madame Dianne gives an introductory treatise on the subject. She’s the reason I suddenly decided to update this blog.  smile_secret



Clips Flirting Chairs



She finally gave in to becoming one of us. Dianne is a mystery writer – ck out Vroman’s or Amazon for her novels.  So you just know her flirts are shrouded in a mist of mystery. Can you imagine!  Some of you first met her and her personal assistant – her husband – at our blogger gathering in Old Town Pasadena in 2009.  Check out her new blog.  She’s only just begun.

What are your favorite ways to flirt?

Which of our blogger friends does the flirt the best?

What makes a charming flirt?



Woman Flirting with Man!



Meantime, I’m gonna check into some of your flirtatious action. In particular, try to learn some more of your tricks. Like how’s, “hey babe, wanna come over to my space and twitter my yahoo until I google all over your facebook?  Yes, You!”  See this dog is learning from y’all. Who says you can’t teach an old dogs new trickks?!  (But, you don’t hear from me my friends, place a missing K9 report!)




So, Gotta Check Out. Til Next Time: Stay Thirsty My Friends




25 responses to “Women aka Flirts

  1. Cafe, thanks for telling us about Dianne’s blog. I’ll be going there as soon as I comment.
    First, PA is so right about this subject in both of her comments.
    Second, I never learned how to flirt very well and always felt like such a klutz when I tried, like a clumsy dork trying to do ballet. Flirting is a dance–it takes two. I don’t think it’s possible if only women do it.

  2. I came to see how this iffy subject is going for you. Like Ben, I was expecting some hair to fly, a pie in the face…something semi violent and argumentative…… Oprah retires in a year. I’ll put in a good word for you.

    • I think many of the females are hiding, trying to keep silent and not be noticed. Some don’t wanna utter a word or they may give themselves away. Particularly the shutterbuggers.

    • ShSh, I love when women use the word, “chuff.” Liberation to y’all!

      Dianne, it’s the least I can do for a local national author. Especially since I don’t have much time for pleasurable reading. Now that you’re one of us, please visit the others.

  3. Thanks, Cafe Pasadena, for mentioning my brand new blog here and sending folks my way! I’m glad my post sparked your imagination.

    I have a habit of watching people, always have, and I think people think I’m flirting. Used to get me into more trouble when I was younger! Now, I’m an active conversationalist… like to touch, lean into, laugh, etc. For me, it means that I’m fond of you. Is this flirting? I don’t think of it that way because I have no intentions of it going further, but maybe it is flirting in a way.

  4. Mais oui, flirting and skirt hiking is what we French, I mean Alabama, ladies do best. Don’t you think for a minute that age has anything to do with it. 🙂

    • Virg, I don’t think skirt-hiking is limited to you Southern & French women. In fact, we have a loco hiker in this ladies brunch.

      Mesina, hmmmm…..I look forward to “Asking You” more questions. You must bee a pro flirter since it worked on your man from another continent!

  5. Well well well! I, am not answering your flirt question because (!) I will be using it in my first Ask Me post (stay tuned!)

    Great post! Must check out Diane’s blog, thanks for the heads up. Although the question might not be about whether women flirt…the real question is…are they any good at it?! Some women got it, some don’t. Same goes for men – some overwhelmingly charming, others…meh. I don’t fall for that whole ”An angel must be missing in heaven” thing….Gag me with cheesy chat up lines and give me a man that can make me laugh! xx

  6. I have not yet checked out Diane’s blog. But I will. I am happily married but do still flirt with my guy.

    Sooo, here it it from a Southern girl: That’s me.
    I had to un-learn a lot, in order to make it – that is – be taken seriously in the macho world of L. A Art. I had to:

    Stop fluttering my eyelashes when looking at a guy
    Stop saying certain things, such as “Oh, you are so big and strong”, while wiggling my knee back and forth.
    Stop giggling after saying something.
    Stop lifting my left shoulder while smiling and looking away.
    Stop smiiling so much, period.
    Stop flipping my long locks back over my shoulder.
    Stop lifting one eyebrow while looking at someone across the room.

    But, even so – even when I don’t use my Southern drawl. Even when I look directly at someone while saying erudite words, still, even still, I have had guys say,” You are a Southern Belle. I’ve never seen one before.” Even a former pimp said that. So what’s a poor girl to do???

    I think that maybe I should have changed my major to French. I almost did. I’m just a nice girl from Austin, Texas who has been slugging it out with the big boys in L.A. for a very looong time. What fun it might have been to indulge in those mannerisms in FRENCH!

    And, yes, guys also flirt.

    • PIO Ann, it sounds like you’re saying if men are do it, they do it more innocently.

      South of France Virg: you must bee another woman back in Paris. They probably know you by another name too!

  7. As I write this- there is la Tour Eiffel blinking her a.. off on your sidebar.
    Well I don’t know what else to say. Sixties ladies still love a macaron and a whole lot more. 🙂

    • PA, are you referring to a one or a two of your loco bloggers?

      Paula, your flirting worked! Yet, if southern flirting has nothing to do with sex, then I’ll stick with our western style.

      Marg, I agree. And, actually you are a swearing but honest & sincere flirtatious girl. But, correct – not a flirt.

  8. Wow, a controversial topic like this seems like a shameful ploy to get more people to visit your site and comment.

    As it appears that I’ve already started to comment, I’ll bite – How Dare You! Women and men are no different, we just flirt in different ways.

    • BW, actually, no intention to grab more attention with this controversial true story. However, I can see your point: just the other day a loco blogger put up an up close & personal foto of the sinful Cookie monster Cupcake he bot/ate at Polkatots cupcakes in Pasadena! Shameful, sinful, that guy to tempt his lady readers that way, don’t you think!

      Justin, you just need to hang out at hot dog joints more. Good women hang out at those kinda places.

      You guys may end up being the only males who comment on this serious subject.

    • KB, thanks for your references.
      CLF, obviously women think flirting is good for them – single or not!

      Ck out Dianne’s new blog. She’s the flirter who’s responsible for this post!!

  9. I think flirting is good for us. Women (and men) want to feel attractive, and flirting can be validating. It’s sort of like fishing. You throw the line out there and see what happens. As long as it’s not interfering with someone else’s partnership or marriage, well, I say there’s nothing wrong with it. Flirting with ideas (as well as bald men) is good too. A good word, flirting …