The Writing Project

I know some of my readers are writers among the character mix of this weblog. Others may be eaters, like me. Whatever,  you are, I hope you know I’m always thinking of y’all.  Not a year goes by when I’m not.  Like the other morning when I saw a stack of these bulletins at my fav cafe, Euro Pane:


Pasa Writing Project1



Since food/restaurant writer Jonathan Gold is connected with this project, my guess is he asked to leave these flyers at the bakery cafe.  Or another writer did, since they regularly make a pitstop here to refuel their coffee tanks & experience, et al.

Young woman lying on bed!
Policeman taking notes

Therefore, a few of you writers may know about this already. If not, consider this just me looking out for your best interests.

Woman receiving a package from a Man
 hand writing the amount on a bank cheque

My experience is writers take their writing very seriously, or liberally with a stiff upper lip. You can also identify them since they are usually the silent type on one hand, the non-stop talkers on the other, or the anxious on the other foot. Yet, if you see someone who appears homeless or shaveless – that could also be a writer. Butt remember: theirs is a dangerous, if not vital, job. Someone has to do it.  Anecdotal evidence, I know.

Nevertheless, I hope this information is a heads up for at least 1 or 2 of you writers out in the blogosphere, and the resta us who aren’t.




Gotta head out!  Stay Thirsty My Friends…




28 responses to “The Writing Project

  1. I don’t think it’s torture for you, I think it’s prime rib.

    If I had a capacity towards math, I would have been a structural engineer or a orthopedic surgeon. My poor father attempted to tutor me in math (He: Cal Tech grad)…now that was a shared torture. I insisted a nickel was of more value then a dime because it was bigger.

    • PA, my canine intuition is you missed your calling!
      nT, after Mammoth, nothing should be too steep for you. I feel a new blog coming from you…Memoirs of a PV Lover.

  2. Yeah, I so look like that woman when I’m writing my memoir – except, of course, that my hair is brown!
    I’d LOVE to do the Ojai but it’s a bit steep, even with the food… all my xtra cash is going up in the air.
    You are very sweet, with this post you hit about 90% of your audiance…the 10% is the non-foodies, non-writers who still liked the post. Esp. the cop. Yup.

    • Thanks, Erika, but nothing 4 U 2 B sorry about! The heart website seems to be very slow, what about for you? But, I agree about the browsing time!

      Afv, I agree you are a girl of few words but many images.

  3. Hey Cafe, not going to comment on the writing workshop… I’ve got a totally random question for you, since you are the cafe expert in Pas. Have you seen the place “slaw dogs” on North Lake? Know anything about it? I’m a dog fan– my secret sin. Well, now not so secret. I’m looking for 411…

    • Kat, yes, I have seen Slaw Dogs on North Lake aka Fast Food Drive-Thru Row. It’s new – open only about a few weeks. Tried to get in there last Sat nite but the line was out the door. Then, a couple of lunches ago it still looked busy so I’ve skipped it. My foodie friend Carina was gonna ck it a few days ago but I haven’t heard if she made it in!
      In the past I’ve just settled for the great value at Costco. Kat, since you’re a lover of juicy big hot dogs, here’s a taco truck link for you: Dogtown Dogs. Have you tried this?

      I look 4ward 2 some nice pics from you on this!
      Thank you for sharing just one of your secret sins with me.

    • And, CLF, I assume you visit this blog when you’re asking yourself, “Where’s the beef?!”, right? Keep on with your insightful prose.

      Mesina, excuses! Well, one day it will bee a small world. Anyhows, have your baby 1st.

      Restless Dez, you mean crowsfoot? Well, I wanna say if you’ve seen one writer, you’ve read them all. Butt I won’t!
      My favs are the food & restaurant writers. They’re deep. It can be very difficult to taste or grasp all they mean. Requires a higher level of knowledge & experience. Butt if you stick with it you’ll be rewarded in wisdom & insight from head to stomach! Heavy Stuff…

  4. I can’t think of anything more tortuous. No no, I take that back…last Saturday’s all day PCC digital media workshop “Working with DVD Studio Pro” It cost me 10 bucks and few more brain cells.

    • PA, unfortunately it seems I’ve lived a more tortuous life than you.
      Erika, you’re in CA so you’re close enuf! You deserve the recognition.
      KB, you’ve become an influence in my life. Good or Bad, I go back & 4th on that.

  5. Ooh, this sounds like fun! Thank you so much for posting about it. If I were closer to Pasadena I would definitely try to attend!

    By the way, thank you so much for the congratulations and kind words – they made my day!! 🙂

  6. I think I’d have been distracted by the treats at Euro Pane, so good job on helping spread the word on these projects, Cafe!! Now, please excuse me while I don’t go and shave.