Congratulations & Happy Birthday!



We interrupt this blog to bring you breaking news!

Quick shout outs to a couple of loco blogger’s:

First, to Stephane de Altadena via France & his wunderful wife on the birth of their new baby son yesterday! My message to them was: you are now officially adults and mature!! (You know how these creative/artistic types can bee!)

Stephane is a true Mickey Mouse of an artist. He creates art nearby here at Walt Disney. He has also recently started taking photos in addition to his sketches, drawings, and paintings. However, no cigars for you Steph. Instead I’ll get you a pain du chocolate croissant & macaron from French bakery Euro Pane. I hope he knows what that is!

Besides, being just a nice guy, Steph is probably also exhausted or just stressed-out right now.  Well, That’s Life. Welcome to The World!





Next shout out goes to Catherine de Gastronomer!  Maybe my most favorite food blogger:  it helps that she lives & work in Pasadena.

Happy Birthday to her – Today!

Whereas I like to stay near Pasadena to eat out, her routine is to go out of the area to bring back great restaurant reviews! However, just the other day I did treat her to an early birthday meal at The Counter, here in Pasadena.  We loved the place, didn’t we CD!? Didn’t we??

More important than CD’s eye for good food and well developed tastebuds, is her sweetheart and smart brain. For example, she founded the Eat My Blog (EMB) charity event. The first was a big success in West Hollywood last year! Stay tuned for EMB2 in a few months if you’re interested in participating




Do you remember your child’s day of birth? What do you want for your next birthday gift? 

Wait, I need to seek some shelter from this latest storm! That’s enuf of these two.  As I was saying before the interruption, someone celebrating their first day on the planet and another, celebrating her…ahem, I just remembered something:


Gotta Eat!  It’s that time of the day.  Stay Thirsty & Hungry, My Friends!




17 responses to “Congratulations & Happy Birthday!

    • Dez, we love birthdays don’t we? Sooner rather than later.

      Erika, you are one girl who gets around. I think there was a song written about you – deservedly! IMHO, I think you need a dog to give you some loving instead of that “baby.”

  1. What a perfect gift just in time for Valentine’s Day! And Happy, Happy Birthday to Catherine! I have a cat who doubles as my baby – her birthday is on August 1!

    And the cafes…I get around. Many of them have been visited over the years and are only now being put down into words!! 🙂

  2. Yay, that’s beautiful news about Stephane and his wife and their new little one ~ congratulations!! Stef has one of those dream jobs… and so he should!

    And happy birthday to Catherine! You are a source of cheer and good news, Cafe.

  3. Oh I love new arrivals! Happy birthday to both, and a huge congrats on the new parents! That pain du chocolate croissant & macaron is making me hungry…oh doesnt that sound yummy.

    I remember all three of my kids’ births and now in 9 weeks, our newest arrival will be here. I can’t believe it, the whole pregnancy has just flown.

    • Mesina, I have to remember to have those this morning! 9 weeks I hope goes as quick as 9 days.

      SC, I’m kinda stork messenger. And, yes, Catherine is a Pasadena gal, but she often eats outside Southern Cal in her quest for a great meal.

    • And, Steph, we are proud & happy for you and your wife. Give him time to learn how to eat well before you start teaching him to do art.

      Paula: milestones is a word I don’t hear often. But, it’s a good word than need some good PR.

      Margaret, I’m sure they welcome it.