The Super Bowl of Taste

Well, my article of 1/31/10 discussed the confusion often surrounding what is and isn’t a macaron and/or macaroon. However, I’m not surprised the great majority of my readers voted for the correct pairings of picture and cookie.  Perhaps my clear teaching on the subject had a hand in it! Or, not.

So, this is how y’all voted. Your FINAL ballot results were as follows:


Q1: Which are the macaroon’s?

A Sample of Macaroon’s

  • Bottom set of photos    13%
  • Top set of photos         87%  (Correct)



Q2: Which are the macaron’s?

ArnaudLahrer Macarons_02

The French Macaron’s from Arnaud Lahrer of France

  • Bottom set of photos     93% (Correct)
  • Top set of photos            7%


Therefore, my overall grading to y’all in identifying these two confections were: B+ for the macaroon, and A- for identifying the macaron.  So, in the USA where the coconut based macaroon is more common than the French meringue based macaron, the colorful French macaron was actually more familiar to my readers!  Now, that  was a little bit surprising to me.

The coconut based macaroon can come in a small variety of flavors: chiefly chocolate, with nuts, or strawberry. Flavors for the macaron, on the other hand, seemingly are held back only by your imagination: chocolate, blueberry, pistachio, sea salt, hazelnut, vanilla, lemon, amande, boysenberry, rose, blackcurrant, mint, caramel, peanut butter, mango, praline, coffee, orange, apple, and even coconut, etc! I butter stop or I’m gonna have a macaron attack or cause a couple of particular peculiar readers to have one.

The best French macaron’s come from Paris, with the tea house Laudree which many consider the inventor of the macaron, and the pastry chef & patisserie Pierre Herme, arguably regarded as the very best.  In our greater LA/SGV area, the macaron is not easy to find in dessert and bakery shoppe’s. 

I enjoy eating both of these.  A few can be very tasty but most are average at best.  The macaroon I like. The macaron I love!  Of course, food is very personal and my taste buds can be totally the opposite of yours.


Q: I’m curious. Have you eaten more macaroon’s, or more French macaron’s?  And which do you prefer?




Gotta Run – edit later. It’s Supper Bowl Sunday: The Biggest & Badass Day for Eating out of a Bowl!  Stay Thirsty My Friends!




27 responses to “The Super Bowl of Taste

    • Good to know we have a couple who know macarons & actually tasted them. Btw, about how much does julienne charge for them?

      Vicki, yes I do. In fact, I know how you feel about anything French.

  1. It’s always a learning experience here…. wow! Never heard of “macarons”!!! Next time, I’m in Paris (and I do hope it’ll be soon), I’ll be sure to check these out.

    • And you, Irinia, have never heard of a macaron either?? Ok, this whole Mac subject has left me confused: I don’t really know if I am or am not surprised by the results of these last two postings. When you take your trip, this is what the French Essence blogger says: “A trip to Paris these days by definition means a taste of the macaron!”

      SG, you’ve been to France so I’m glad you didn’t say, “what are macarons??”

  2. Well here I am and how just many MACARONS ARE LEFT POUR MOI?? Of course I love the macarons from Paris the best. Caramel is my fav, and expresso, and chocolat, but mon ami Peter likes pistache and I”ve tried one and they’re pretty darn good, and mon amie Janet had fraise and I loved them too, and…… well you get the idea. Shsh fooled me with chatter about violet but that was a false alarm. Macarons…..j’adore.

    And not to worry mon chien, soon on my Paris blog there will be a post from Ladurée pour toi! 🙂

    • I’m going to make it my mission to find you a real violet macaron, Virginia, not a cheeky lavender one trying to pose as the far more glam sounding violet !! 🙂 Sadly, I may need to wait until I get to Paris to embark on said mission. But I shall remember, you can be sure of that.

    • Virg, how “many” Macarons are left pour poor moi?! You’re kinda late. Between my this K9 and my lovers, i.e., mac lovers, there are xxactly zero remaining! I’m surprised you of y’all people arrived to the party last!

      ShSh: can you include me for your mission, please. Don’t 4get.

  3. I prefer the caramel colored Mexican Macaroon. Dense as a golf ball. You’ll find it in the case next to the cash register in all your better mini mall Mexican dives (or Olvera street)

    • Erika, I could watch her devour a macaron, a macaroon, or even something fed from me.

      Kb, for me it’s macaron love. But, I do have a greater yen for something else. Anyhows, you stay tuned to this blog station if you wanna eat the French mac.

  4. No contest for me, puppy. Macarons, every time. But I think you knew that already… 🙂 Not that I’ve had the pleasure of eating them in Paris yet, but I’m just very lucky to have a French pastry chef 20 mins away… mmm.

    • ShSh, and they are better to paint too! Plus, I’m also very lucky to have a Paris trained pastry chef a minute away!

      That sounds about right, Chief. But, I think the french wood say she really meant, “let them eat Brioche!” I can get good brioche at EuroPane so it’s about past time I ate some. Anyway if not Marie, then it was Tash de Palos Greens!

  5. I am going to disappoint you. I don’t like coconut cookies of any kind and have never eaten a macaron. But I like cake…let’s eat more cake.
    PS: national pancake day is coming up in late Feb according to IHOP (which serves the worst pancakes ever).

    • Well, welcome back from your travels. Yes indeed, nT, you have disappointed me. Plus, you’ve never eaten a macaron but you’ve flown to France to grab pics for your blog?!??! It’s an Outrage! I recommend you stay tuned to this blog station. PS: CakeLover, why don’t you take the opportunity to post about Natl PanCake Day.

      SC, it depends on which KK doughnut you’re eating about.

  6. I really like macaroons…especially when dipped in chocolate..yum!!! I don’t know that I’ve had macarons…but would definitely like to try…

    The Union Bakery on Fair Oaks in South Pasadena makes an especially scrumptious macaroon…and their double chocolate cookies are pretty awesome too!!! (and I don’t normally like the double chocolate stuff)

    • Kathy, a union bakery, in So Pasa?? What next!
      It’s so easy to get either Mac wrong so that they instead taste more like imitation food. You stay tuned too to this blog if you’re interested in the French confection.

      PJ Paula: I am honored! Sounds like the coconut type.
      I still remember the Oreos you Air Delivered to us last year! Next time you mite wanna Air France us some macarons! We’ll appreciate it.

  7. I’ve done some macaroons before and I’ve not tasted the French ones yet…but it looks so interesting given the different colors they’re made of.

    • Metro LA Blogger, since you’re interested I wood advise you stay tuned to this blog.

      MD, you’re a Euro & a multilingual one at that. So, of course you wood try to confuse this serious subject even more! You say maccheroni, I say macaroni! But, that’s pasta and we’re talking about something sweeter right now. I’m sure you’ve had Macaron’s as tasty sweet as you before!