I say Macaroon!, You say Macaroni?

It was a beautiful morning, ahhh! I went outside a while, and just smiled. Greeted my loco neighbor cats with my shiny smiley teeth. Ain’t no sunshine when them felines are around.

Just take in some clean fresh ashen air girls & boys. Ain’t no sense stayin’ inside. Then, head toward the cafe to find seats to read the last issue of the L.A. Times as we know it. I could foresee this happening to the LAT when KB abandoned them.  Yet, I could understand is was a no-brainer for her to work serving a couple of canines instead.  Her income she could supplement from purse holding.

Butt, I digest…. 


Before I left the dog mansion, I mustered a quickie profile in courage to tackle a difficult and controversial topic.

These “mac” cookies are a surprisingly popular issue on the world wide internet.  From discussions by well known chefs to websites holding a Macaroon/Macaron(?) Week!  When locals get into it with brief mentions suddenly popping up in blog comments now and then…well, you know it’s become big time news.

I’ve also noticed a frequent by-product of all this is confusion backed by a short supply of knowledge on macaroon’s or macaron’s.  For example, lack of knowing how to spell this particular cookie.  Confusion over which is a macaroon and which one is the macaron. Others have gone so far as to claim they’ve never had one!  I hear some of you: “That’s an outrage!”

That each cookie can be tweaked to come out in a variety of flavors doesn’t aid the decision. Chocolate, sea salt, pistachio, cherry, coconut, lime, blueberry, etc.

Unfortunately, my knowledge on these cookies is limited:  I know  that I like one, and I know I love the other! 

Well, before we can even EAT the cookie, we should know what we want, what to ask for, and thus what we are actually biting into! Am I being clear & concise, if not understandable?

As a consequence, we’re gonna embark on a controversial butt short journey that may lead to a tasty ending.  We begin in genesis to identify what is what. This article will be a Test…kitchen :

Below are 2(two) set of fotos.  Macaron’s and macaroon’s.  Which set of photos is which?  That is, which are de macaroon’s, and which photo are the macaron’s? 



Mac flickr pid David Jackmanson A  Coconut macs pic from Unami A


 C Macs A


Examine these specimens closely. A simple case of identification by sight.   Still, you are allowed to cheat on this test if you pull out your friends big long microscope for an up close & personal inspection. Nevertheless, the learning curve outta be short & sweet – no sweat, I assume…




 Bottom Set:

 P1050026a 460572669_885e42a6ff A


Mac flickr pic from Framboise A


Ok, you’ve closely examined the two sets of three fotos above: The top set, and, the bottom set. Please do your patriotic duty, now, by going to the polls to enter your votes in the ballot boxes below.  One vote for the foto set you believe are the Macaroon’s, and another vote for the set which you think are the Macaron’s.







I’ve gotta be on my way now. So long. Ain’t no fun just hangin’ around. I’ve gotta cover more ground.  Stay Thirsty My Friends…



33 responses to “I say Macaroon!, You say Macaroni?

  1. A post just about macaron’s! My favorite type of cookie… I never knew there were 2 different types. I have always been referring to macaroons when I really mean macaron’s. Thanks for this!!

    • Andrea, thanks for switching from your running & reading mode to commenter! 🙂
      It says something if even you a foodie & cook didn’t know the difference with Mac’s!

      Take care of yourself, Andee. Remember to give yourself some rest & relaxation.

    • Restless Chef: You’re not gonna find me around any big Mac & cheeze! Macaroni & Cheeze wiz smack down are words which should all belong together. For many it’s a comfort food, for some of us it’s junk food.

  2. My two favorite treats made with loving hands by my grandmother were macaroons (not to be confused with macarons!) and divinity. I’ve never had any better than the ones she used to make. She’s been making them for angels in Heaven for many years now. I hope they appreciate it!!

    • PIO, and I hope you prayed to her for the Recipe! That wood bee a great snack to bring to our party – we wood appreciate it!!

      PA, PA…I thought it was I say macaroons, they say macarons, but I forgot YOU say scooter pies. I can see every class has a difficult, hard to reach student.

    • Metro LA: when the student is ready, or confused, I will appear.

      Pasadena 91105: all will bee revealed in its time.
      Who do you see for your macaron addiction? And, you’re not being pretentious. You’re just being who are – a homo sapien. Ok, I hope that sounds ok!!

      • Hmmm, mystery. I like it. When the jones hit me, Nicole’s in south pas is a good place for a quick fix. The best I’ve found around are in bev hills, but I don’t want to travel there for just my cookie fix. for a short time sbux had an okayish standby… but I haven’t seen them there for a while. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen much in the way of macarons here in pas. So that means– cough up the info! 🙂 And I will continue to proudly sound like an ass when I say it; macaron!

        • Kat, I don’t think you sound like an Ass when you say “macaron.” Although, just tonite at the tea bar at Bird Pick in Old Town I met a new tea, and a new friend who though she is college educated & wise, she didn’t know what a macaron was! I don’t know why I can still be surprised on this issue.
          Btw, I think I know the place the Beverly Hillbilly place you’re typing about. How much is a mac at nicole’s??

  3. What i want to know is… where did you take the pictures of the macarons? I love those things! And while macaroons have a rustic charm of their own… its macarons hands down. I just wish I didn’t sound like a pretentious git when I pronounce it, though. Ma-ca-rrrrrrronnns!!

    • I don’t remember how much the macarons at Nicole’s cost! I just know I can run in, grab a ribbon wrapped bag of six assorted, throw some money on the counter and then immediately eat two of them in my car before I pull out of my parking space.

    • SC, or in your hands? Sounds like ewe know how two do it.

      Erika, ok, I’ll trade them for something of yours. I can see you at one of your cafes swallowing them whole in complete ecstasy!

  4. I agree with Shell. A public service. I love macarons. Don’t love macaroons. I’m so glad you’ve made the difference clear to the general public.

    • Is this the Pea-tree-aaah! of paparazzi fame? You sound very agreeable so I’m thinking it is. So, I can’t believe there’s sumthing you don’t love.

      Judge, I wood xpect to one day soon see some kinda xxperiment on your blogsite.

      btw, I’m beginning to think South of Bama Virginia has gone off the Mac diet?!.

    • Cindy, I’m starting to deal with this confusion here on this blog. So, that is one less book for you to write.

      Restless Dez, both? Remember – SHARE next time with your canine friends.

  5. A tremendous public service you’ve done here, Cafe, as there does appear to be much confusion out there on this topic. Another handy hint may be that the ones made mostly of coconut {excuse me while I cough up a furball} are macaroons ~ two “o’s” in coconut, two in macaroon. As you would expect, my favorites are the fragile, delicate treats of French persuasion, the macarons. Not the least because they look so darn pretty!!!

    • ShSh, don’t donuts & bagels have “O’s”: in them too? We may now bee complicating rather then understanding this issue.

      PJ Paula, I’m justa messenger. I’ll reveal the winner or favorite in a few days! LAT? I’ll wait for the ADhiker to give her side of the story.

  6. Your sweet tooths are in overdrive, CO. I realized one day that there were two different entities from reading V’s blog, I think, or maybe it was here. It doesn’t matter, they’re cookies! You’ve done a bang up job with this post! Now, please tell me which of the two is your flavorite! (and what happened to LAT?)

    • Thanks, MF. Butt, I don’t think I’m dispensing any new info to you on this serious topic.

      Cynthia, an actual person connected with the famous Cafe World?! I wish I had time to get into that. The trick is to make these cuties taste at least as good as they look – food or women.