National Chocolate Cake Day

First, lemme bee de 1st to wish y’all a belated Happy Holiday!  Work caught me in its web and I wasn’t able to free myself to finalize this article until today, The Day After.

As I’m sure many of you are aware, the 27th was another National Holiday:  National Chocolate Cake Day. One of the most revered and favored holidays for most of you who aren’t already Pie lovers!!

To demonstrate my respect & honor toward this national holiday, this canine plans to have a slice of chocolate cake. It’s the minimum I can do to recognize this day. Well, maybe two slices to penalize me for being late to this party.

How about you, probably uninformed about desserts but wise, reader?  What’s your plan to commemorate National Chocolate Cake Day?  Would this bee on your last supper menu if you were awaiting your turn on death row?

I’m sure most of my readers were aware of this National Holiday, right?!  How did, or will, you show respect to this solemn occasion?  Do you have a favorite recipe?  Do you have a fav cake shoppe?

I know I’m justa dog barking at y’all with so many questions and choices.  And, I’m sure there has to be some holiday poopers out there who just can’t stand chocolate cake! Maybe they’re vegans.  Or, some who just have a preference for living the simple life by eating simply:  pure white bread and clean organic water,  as an example.

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=chocolate+cake&iid=74020″ src=”0071/28d88935-7d84-4e6d-bdc6-55ab2c93808d.jpg?adImageId=9590854&imageId=74020″ width=”380″ height=”380″ /]


Gotta Take Off. Off to Bite into a Slice.  Stay Sweet & Thirsty My Friends!




24 responses to “National Chocolate Cake Day

  1. Do homemade chocolate brownies with chopped chunks of trader joe’s dark chocolate added for extra nutrition, count as an acceptable sub in this race?

  2. I am way behind in my blog reading. I can’t believe I missed National Chocolate Cake Day! I think I will celebrate all this week to make up for it 🙂

    • Natalie, you have to give up something when you sacrifice all your time to your BF & music! Keep your priorities straight, else you’ll miss a brunch here in the coming weeks!

    • I don’t know where I wood bee w/o you, Paula! Thank You. nTash doesn’t tell me anything about this side of her. Even when I go to visit her she won’t talk! I guess she wants to keep the sweets all to herself.

      Tomorrow, Erika? Well, at least you’ll have time to decide which of your hot outfits to wear in belatedly celebrating this holiday! Maybe at a cafe?

  3. Given the fact that I was unaware of a holiday known as National Chocolate Cake Day, leading me to miss it, I plan on celebrating tomorrow! Yay for belated sugar rushes!! 🙂

  4. I’m going to eat German Chocolate Cake with my grandpa tonight to celebrate his 80th birthday! Family holiday + cake holiday all in one.

    • Becca, I wood love to see a pic on your blog of you and Grandpa chowing down on a big chocolate cake! Where is the cake coming from ?

      Metro LA, yes, I’ve heard it all before about how, “I didn’t know about this holiday!” Y’all will be w/o excuse next year! I’m not gonna remind anyone next year – this canine will just have to eat all the pie & cake myself!

    • Well, PA, for me everyday is Pizza Day. For you homo sapiens (everyone else), I gotta ck but I’ve never heard of it. BW, is so Dogmatic – must bee that seminary indoctrination.

      Cindy, it’s good to your Michigan has one of our area exports – TJ’s! Go on – have your chocolate cake & eat others too!

  5. This might turn out to be my favorite holiday, topping Halloween! Trader Joe’s is only a couple of blocks away, and they’ve got several yummy chocolate tortes. I am off to celebrate …

  6. You have great holidays there, Cafe!! I’m partial to chocolate, for sure, in most of its shapes and guises, especially dark. While not quite a cake, fudge brownies are up there on my list of nice things to bake and eat.

    And I hope Ben doesn’t scare you into eating a carob cake instead. I shall quote my favourite passage from a book, ‘The Power of Pleasure,’ by Dale Atrens: “Like everyone else since,” [except Justin]“the Aztecs held chocolate in high esteem… While generally only credited for the cuckoo clock, the Swiss also created milk chocolate, and this is commemorated in the Lausanne Chocolate Museum. There is no record of who discovered the chocolate substitute, carob… It has caused a form of mad cow disease of the palate, and debased the experience of pleasure everywhere it has gone. There is no Carob Museum anywhere, which is just as well since I would go out of my way to vandalise it.”

    • Wow!, Sh Sh, that’s some comment. I must’ve touched a sweet spot. 4give me.

      Judge, no, based on some of the, “food”, I’ve seen you eat, I’m not really surprised at what you Don’t like to eat!

      • I had a Belgian acquaintance years ago who always said I needed to try her favorite Belgian chocolate, so after one trip home she brought me some… it was actually somewhat good. (Coming from me that is an amazing praise for chocolate.) I didn’t eat much of it, but I didn’t gag like I normally do when I try chocolate. So it’s possible I just don’t like lousy American milk chocolate. But the only taste I hate more than chocolate is… peanuts.