Happy National Pie Day !

First, lemme bee de 1st to wish y’all another Happy Holiday!

As I’m sure many of you are aware, today de 23rd is a National Holiday: National Pie Day. One of the most revered and favored holidays for most of you!!

To demonstrate my respect & honor toward this national holiday I have come out of hibernation at the risk of getting drenched. Furthermore, this canine plans to have a slice of pie. It’s the least I could do to recognize this day.


How about you, wise reader?  What’s your plan to commemorate National Pie Day?  Do you even have a favorite pie – the slice you just have to eat as part of your last supper if you were awaiting your turn on death row?

So many questions and choices, I know. Maybe not many of you love pies.





Gotta Take Off. Off to sniff out a Slice.  Stay Thirsty My Friends!




36 responses to “Happy National Pie Day !

  1. Apricot pie is my favorite. I used to have a tree in my back yard and learned what really good apricots are. They are hard to find in stores. Best if they have little bird peck marks on them.

    • SG, how does a hot piece of pie while taking in the sky view taste? I could eat an Apricot rite now!

      nT: I can’t beleive you, and everyone else, missed it either! Well, if you ck in on a regular basis here you’ll be properly informed on these important matters. But, I understand your interests may lay elsewhere.

  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED IT! will just have to make it up by eating pie for the rest of the month. Great post. I like the voting thingy.

  3. Delicious post again — I am sorry I didn’t get over on the weekend to celebrate Pie Day in proper fashion! I voted for Pecan, btw. The photo of the pie shop immediately reminded me of the TV show, “Pushing Daisies” — I loved that show and it makes me sad that it was canceled. The very idea of National Pie Day cheers me up, though. Thanks for that! 😉

    • Cindy, now you have one less TV program to keep you from your writing. I can imagine seeing you in front of the set with your pie & ice cream. I think you were the 1st , if not only, voter to place a vote for Pecan – believe it or not!! And, thanks for your very generous compliment (“again”), especially coming from a published author like yourself.

      Monk, ahem, Friar FA: well, you’re correct to call Pie n Burger “old” & “standard.” It’s not a good value place IMHO. I know I’m an exception to the old standard opinions on that joint. I’ll reveal my fav when the polls close.

  4. Hey, nobody mentioned the old Pasadena standard – Pie ‘n Burger. I just googled it and found out that it still exists. Maybe I’ll happen by there someday and see if it’s as good as it used to be!

    So, what did this canine answer for favorite pie? Thanks for coming out of hibernation to remind us about National Pie Day! I’m gonna celebrate it tomorrow since I missed it.;

    • Erika, I should go with you to a cafe! We’ll be just 2 lost souls eating away in a cafe, day after day. Wish you were here, to go.

      PA, set Palm Axis free to be and eat! Now, I gotta go eat myself!

    • Kim, you may bee rite about boysenberry!

      ShSh, how can you Aussie’s not celebrate Pie??

      Interesting how many missed this Pie holyday, though claiming to love Pie. Then others, claiming not to love pie so much still list out a brunch of pies they like! Hohoho! Y’all had better mark your calendars for Jan 23rd 201!!

  5. We didn’t celebrate your Pie Day here, Cafe ~ an oversight, if ever I saw one. Considering meat pies are one of our iconic foods, where’s the justice. I hope you enjoyed your pieces of pie, whichever ones you finally narrowed it down to. Such a tough choice for a puppy dog!!

    • Irina, well I hope you (and everyone else!) are voting your pie-conscious too! Cherry? Uh…,I don’t think it’s gonna come in 1st place. I love cherries but not so much in pies.

      Erika, my fashionista cafe watcher, many claim. like you, not to be big pie eaters then they list a brunch of pies they like! Okaaaay…

  6. Happy, Happy Pie Day! I am not the biggest pie eater myself; in fact, I’ve only tasted Apple, Pumpkin, and Blueberry – Apple is my favorite hands down!

    By the way, I didn’t take that picture, I found it on the website We Heart It! 🙂

  7. How did I miss National Pie Day?!?!?
    The best pies were at Polly’s, in my salad days when I waited tables. Oh my gosh, so many good ones, from fresh strawberry, ollalieberry, to your standard but sublime lemon meringue, coconut cream, and the naughty black bottom pie. All were stand outs with a perfectly baked crisp crust.
    Many places have disappointed me since…

    • Restless Dez, if you’re talkin bout the chain – Polly Pies – then I liked that place. But haven’t been for a few years. Your “naughty black bottom pie: sounds like sumthing I woodn’t wanna put a fork to. But maybe it wood make good finger food!

      PA, you know when I saw Marie Calendar stuffed with cars, if not customers, I thought: they are so packed today probably even famous loco bloggers such as The Artist formerly known as Palm Axis are in attendance.

    • Hmmm…I’m just curious, KB: what must bee your fav sandwich?

      MD, a cake pie. We have those hybrids over on this continent too. I gotta see if I can find one of your Sacher Torte’. If not, we’ll have to make a date to eat 1 2gether, 1day!

  8. Ohhh ok now I know what you meant with your comment! I love Sacher Torte… it’s more of a cake than a pie I know. But I also love apple pie!!! mmmmm…

  9. I knew you were up to something when you mentioned pie! I left an answer about that for you.

    My absolute favorite is at least day old apple pie that has been refrigerated along with a great cup of coffee. You can include ice Creem if you want but as long as it’s cold and has a great crust, I’m in. I hope you had the pie of your dreams today, CO. Also meringue or something like that I would guess. It’ll give you something to dream about for the rest of your hi-berry-nation.

    • Paula, I thought you had to bee up 2 sumthing with that wunderful kitchen you have going there. I understand when you say, day old apple pie that has been refrigerated along with a great cup of coffee!

      PIO: I can see you working at a Pie shoppe. In fact, I can see you bringing fresh, hot pies to Citihall on a regular basis! I guess I could go for Julian Apple Pie now, or anynows!

  10. Great question. I voted for lemon meringue as my best overall pie. Gotta be my grandmother’s recipe. But so much really depends upon the particular pie and the setting. Can’t beat hot apple pie on a cold Fall day up in Oak Glen. Then there’s fresh berry pie — any berry — in the summer. But then again I’ve had some good key lime. I could go on.

    • East of Allen St, you have company with your Lemon Meringue vote. Lemon lovers are in the lead at the moment!

      SC, those are not in my favored group. I wood have thought something citrus based, like lemon meringue is your kinda slice.

  11. I’ve never much liked pie; too frequently it’s a combination of bland crust and too-sweet filling. But if I had to choose, I would say a freshly made cherry or custard pie are my favorites.

    • Thanks for your input, Judge. Nevertheless, I hope you voted.

      AFV, yeah, Albertson’s will do. But, I wunder where in the backcountry you live that you don’t have a place that makes pies at least every other day?

  12. Thanks for the reminder…I’m not a big fan of pie…especially since my divorce from hubby #1…his mama made a wonderful apple pie…other than hers, not so much into it!!! Enjoy your little slices of heaven!!!