Girls will be Boys & Boys will be Girls


While I was drinking and clicking away on my laptop the other day I got to thinking.  A couple, of thoughts, awoke from my memory:


Educate a Girl – build a Community


Educate a Boy – build an Individual

An african proverb


Meanwhile, the other nite I was eating and drinking when I heard a couple, of thoughts, from an author on television.  The same thoughts.  A coincidence?  Or, maybe something we need to learn or remember.

When the female & male come together, we can add our uniqueness to each other. The sum result of our parts is greater than when we were apart.



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Gotta Go Into Hibernation. Enjoy The Last Days of Sunny Blue Skies before The Flood!




23 responses to “Girls will be Boys & Boys will be Girls

  1. I’d hope that it all adds up to a community of individuals.

    Hibernate/shmibernate… I bet you are running around & feasting between the downpours. Stay dry, don’t let those SUVs wash you away with their splashes. …

    • Marg, well during your sabbatical someone had to do some serious blogging in the local blogosphere. Now I need another Goddess to comfort me during this stormy weather – please!!

      Paula, it’s always tax season for me. From day 1 to 365.

    • ShSh: either hibernation or hidingout. With PA’s advice I should have no problem staying hot.

      PA, you must’ve taken a creative thinking class in college. Be careful when you’re out singing – it’s raining, and people continue to sing as if it’s not wet.

  2. Each one is a unique entity and when two unique ones get involved? a more unique fruit comes. Ooopppsss…hope there won’t be flooding, hahah!

  3. Well said! I’m looking forward to hearing from you when you wake up. I’m getting ready for the storm, too…wish I could hibernate!

    • Well, Friar/Monk, if it’s a Biblical Flood as they describe I may need a lifeboat to ride it out! Just make sure I’m one of the animals on it. (You can just cloister yourself.)

      Cindy, of course we do. And, that principle can be applied across ethnic lines, etc, as well! Thank again, Cindy – I wish I could write as well as you and be a prof writer.

    • Yes, Ann, I just saw him. Looks almost as handsome as me! He did great sacrificial work – another reason why we’re man & woman’s best friend. It’s near impossible work for us K9’s to keep you humans safe & outta trouble.

      (Btw, I’m too busy with this blogging to fill the opening)

    • Thanks, Erika. Selfishly, I’m glad you’re still in California!

      PIO bear with me, but when I come out of hibernation I hope to see, before even sunlight, a long-term project completed!