Cream Puff Diary

Paid a visit to my neighborhood French bakery cafe yesterday (Saturday) and last Sunday.

“Yeah, so what else is new!”




Ok, butt they have dog bones here so, you know!

Over the years I’ve seen several a celebrity here at this small cafe.   Fortunately, I’m rarely impressed by celebrities, unlike most people. Thus, I rarely mention names.

To name drop wood just cheapen my life and make me feel normal.  If I see them, I just leave them. As long as they respect my privacy, God Bless them too.

I wood much rather spend time with a wunderful friend, such as my foodie soulmate. Or, drop a couple of unique experiences I had there the  past two weekends:

Those of you who are regular readers likely recall this past post about my smart young friend from LCFLint who left this past August to attend college in the southeast: College Advice. Well, I just realized I forgot to remind her to lemme know when she comes home to visit during the holidays so we can meet up. 

Yesterday, Saturday, I decide to check into EuroPane on Cream Puff Saturday. You guessed it? She’s there sitting at a table by herself! She’s a lover of EP too.  Well, we hugged and talked about her first few months away at college.  I give her some of my aged K9 wisdom, of course.

And, what luck!, cuz she’s catching a plane back to the north pole, uh, school today.  Weather? “Freezing!”  Otherwise, she’s liking her whole new college life, so far!

Coincidence? Fate? Divine Intervention? or just a Meaningless Occurrence? 


Last Sunday was another unique experience.  Weekends are clearly busiest here. The owner knows I prefer to check in when the times are quiet and I can bee left alone with my reading or computing, eating & drinking.

The unusuality of that day was how unusually busy it was even for a weekend. Every chair/table had the No Vacancy on.  I ended up eating in the back kitchen.

After you come in, place your order, get your food – then you leave. Last Sunday, not so fast.

I found the normal exit through the dining area blocked. I was seeing more customers than I had ever seen in my neighborhood  cafe.  Not only was every chair still packed with butts, but the line was no longer a line.

It looked like EuroPane had opened with a Black Friday sale!  To put it nicely, it had transformed into a long, living, breathing, wild curve pack of humans! The curve, uh line, was winding from the order counter, through the tables of seated customers, back to the the entrance. I was not prepared for this kind of setting. Stopped me in my dog tracks.

I’ve heard stories from regulars of busy days at EuroPane where the line literally has gone out the door! Luckily for me I have not been around on those lazy, crazy, daze.  My view is this is one restaurant where the repression hasn’t affected it at all. In fact, I wouldn’t bee surprised if they had a better 2009 than 2008!

Butt, I digest…

In this small unassuming cafe I estimated were around two dozen customers in the line, uh, curve. I instantly visualized having to rub shoulders with most of these homo sapiens while reciting, “Excuse me, excuse me,…”, ad nauseam until until it gave me a tinge of nausea.  Not a favorite game to play particularly for a Sunday.

I did what any self-respecting dog wood do: Reversed course. My only shimmer of hope to avoid the masses of, uh, humanity. Back in n out through the back door – with a cream puff (not a dogbone) in paw, to go. Bear with me, butt one day some of us will have a Big Macaron tasting party!, for here…      



Am I alone with such stories in the world wide blog?


Gotta Think. Stay Thirsty!, My Friends…




27 responses to “Cream Puff Diary

  1. Those Cream Puffs sound awesome! Speaking of EuroPane, I just heard (I must be behind on the news) that Sumi Chang is opening up a second EuroPane across from the Paseo? That’s amazing! Any details about what kind of food she’ll be serving there? This is the best news I’ve heard all week! I would do terrible things for one of her chocolate caramel sea salt macarons right about now…

    • Where did you hear this, Laurie?? From our sweetastebuds, Catherine?
      All I can say is don’t count your chickens before they hatch! Until those doors open for bizness, it’s still wait and see. (I know the sign went up the other day.)

      You love macarons too, Laure? Did you catch Good Food on KCRW this month discussing macarons? I suggest you stay tuned to this blog if you love macarons. In fact, I probably should also post something on the “new” EP.

      Btw, remember to save me a whoopie! I haven’t forgotten! 🙂

      • I actually saw a link on LA eater to here I was at work at the time, and I literally squealed aloud. I love EuroPane.

        And I love macarons even more–they’re actually my next baking experiment. I made croissants last weekend, and I figured if I can manage those, I can do anything!

        I did not catch the KCRW program–what did I miss?

        Tell you what. Next time I make whoopie pies at home (I don’t think I’m making them for the next EMB bake sale) I’ll drop one off for you. I feel that bad :-/

  2. Hi Cafe Observer, thanks for the comment on my blog…actually I transferred into blogger format. Hope you’ll be able to visit too!

  3. Hi, sorry if I didn’t indicate where my latest photo was taken…I’m gonna add it up now. Well, it was from Disneyland. Thanks for the visit!

  4. Macarons, you say? I’ll bee there!

    But I still haven’t had their egg salad! Guess I’d better hurry up. I can’t imagine that anything could bee better, though, than the turkey sandwich on cranberry bread!!!

    • Shanna, most people including think the egg salad s/w is best. You can join us if I ever have a Big Mac party!

      Bec, try the cream puffs here. They are small, not the best I’ve had, but still cream good. I need a party girl so you’re on my list!

  5. I stood in line somewhere else for a cream puff and they looked so awful, i left before I ordered. Will have to try them at EuroPane. And, the macarons are amazing! When you throw that party, let me know.

  6. It’s great to be back visiting Cafe Pasadena. As usual, I am not disappointed – always fun to read. And I would call your chance meeting Divine Providence (another way of saying Divine intervention) – God definitely had a hand in it.

    • Monk, uh, Friar, it’s good to have you back down in Southern Ca! From your words to God’s ears – Hohoho!

      KT, I recall you telling me that about a year ago! You should visit since you’re nearby. It’s always special when the Hot IT Chick comes to visit! The food is hot compared to the non-descript feel & looks.

  7. With photos like these, no wonder the line is out the door!
    Oh, come on, name names. I love knowing whose breezin’ through Pasadena. Spotted Jonathan Gold there, course he’s a big fan–

    • Restless Dez, is this pic really that good?? You want names? Well, I spotted the Restless Chef last year! And, you said JG, not me. Sure, he’s a regular. And, I couldn’t resist a fav actress I blogged about a few months ago. That’s it bcuz my lips are now sealed – on a cream puff!

      PA, if you’re an artist or some kinda creative person, then it was just your imagination, running away with you.

  8. I’m above fussing over celebrities and the like. I prefer to live vicariously through the encounters of others (I also like to read gossip mags in doctors’ offices). Come on, CO, dish!

    The cream puffs with the beverage look addictive. I mean that. I would be as big as the Goodyear Blimp if I lived anywhere near that place.

    • Paula, I’ll notice a celeb, and then I walk the other way. I don’t wanna spread any gossip around the world. The only juicy stuff I have to dish wood bee about some loco bloggers. Do people don’t wanna hear about them?? Thanks, PJ, for making another cross-continent visit!

      Mesina, I’m luving your new blogsite! Despite your new threads it can’t hide that your still artistically nuts! Next time you come back to the west coast stop by so we can have a mac & creampuff. Keep up the insightful essays and thanks for making the long trip from the European continent.

  9. Well don’t those just look heavenly?! I’m a sucker for a good cream puff and not only do those look amazing, your pics are simply divine! Wish I could say that I’ll pop over to have one but, that would be a rather long journey. Perhaps they are worth it…. if I’m ever there, this is on the list! x

  10. I’m putting this on my list of “Pasadena Places to Visit” for next time! We visited a charming place that sounds similar in SouthPasadena … just loved it. I’m gazing out at several inches of snow on the window panes of my home office here in Michigan … I like the view in your photo so much better! 🙂

    • Cindy, congrats on your latest published book!
      Reading your comments & blog is like chatting with a trusted friend. Your words seem to be just what I need, at the right time! – Don’t laugh, I mean it!
      Next time you come visit, or on a book tour out here, I’ll treat you to a cp!

  11. Hmm. I don’t normally go for cream puffs but these look tempting, Cafe. EuroPane is definitely on The List if I come and visit someday ~ though, hopefully KB will make it there well before then. I think your Big Macaron Tasting Party may lure her…

    • ShSh, this place also offers a great value in Macarons! Do you like those? (I think only leading KB by the hand will tempt her to try something new) When you visit I’ll get you a mac and a cream puff!

    • You’re too kind to my pics, KB. If I ever have the time to set something up, you’ll probably go to EP with a brunch of us.

      Metro L.A., thanks although I don’t really feel funny, but it’s funny you say that. Lemme know when you’re gonna bee indie area next and I’ll make a suggestion or two.

  12. Ah those are mouthwatering puffs, I sure have to check that place out whenever I’m in the neighborhood! But I hope not on days when the line is long and curved. 🙂 You are funny, I like your humor.