Seen Around Town




This can only mean one thing:


You Can Mess with Texas!

And get awarded for it

University of Alabama: 2010 BCS National Football Champion



Thursday, morning to nite, I saw fans of Alabama rolling through Pasadena with their pennants, banners, posters, & flags dragged along by  their vehicles.


This crimson red roll Tide has left me a bit confused. You see, I’ve been brought up to believe in Tide in a shade of burnt orange, such as this roll of Tide:


[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=tide+detergeant&iid=2574791″ src=”4/5/d/6/Procter__Gamble_78ed.jpg?adImageId=8873762&imageId=2574791″ width=”234″ height=”154″ /]



It’s great to learn something new everyday. Did y’all know this already?


Gotta Hike & Get Up Early. Stay Thirsty for Truth My Friends!




12 responses to “Seen Around Town

  1. Here in NW Florida we are very suspicious of Alabamians. And it doesn’t matter if we understand what they’re saying, it’s not likely something we want to hear about anyway. You do know what they mean when they’re talking about LA, dontcha? That’s right, Lower Alabama.

    • PIO, by your description I think I know which place you went. Never been. But, that joint has been there 4ever it seems. And, if “it was pretty good!”, then I can see why. One day I gotta ck it out.

  2. I had dinner with friends in Rosemead on Thursday night and even that town was overrun with ‘Bama fans! I felt badly for my grandson David, however. He plays varsity football and is hoping for a scholarship to Texas. So, for David I proudly shout, Hook em ‘Horns!

    • PA, sounds like you were left a bit confused as well.

      nT, if you’re talking about me, I’m not related to an efficiency Xpert. This blogging almost makes me wanna become just a Daily photo-blogger instead!

  3. LOL – very clever on the tide/Tide!

    What would I do without you reminding me of the day of the week. It took me 1.5 hours to post today’s photos…I need an efficiency expert.