Alabama or Texas?: BCS Poll



The last, and biggest, college football game of the season plays out tonite here in Pasadena’s Rose Bowl! The NCAA Bowl Championship Series (BCS) title game.

The gladiators this year are Texas University ranked #2 & the University of Alabama ranked #1. Last time the national championship was here was in 2006.

Just last week another big event, the annual Rose Bowl game was played between the Universities of Oregon & Ohio State.

This is the most important event in Pasadena today. Plus, across the nation most eyeballs will be frozen to their televisions for this final game! 

So, we’ve had a brunch of overeating humans from foreign states in this Christmas/New Years season.

Well, like any major event, it is made up of several parts. One is pre-game. And I don’t mean the day of game tailgating.  I’m talking about pre-tailgating.

You can cast your ballot at the end of this article.

To show you what a sample of what I mean, yesterday afternoon I went down the block to visit Old Town Pasadena where most of the visiting Alabama & Texas fans are being held & fed prior to the big game.



As usual, the welcome mat was out for the people, near & far. Yeah, come on in – it’s W I D E open for y’all!


P1040898a  P1040896



These southerners love their football, poetry, bbq fried food, artistry, plus never really lost their foreign accents.  As for me, I wood bee satisfied to just love them Texas women! 



















P1040953Just the latest banner hooked on Colorado Blvd poles 





Bumped into a cafe, Le Pain Quotidien, which is a fav joint with a couple of loco girls I know.  Never been. So, we ck’d it out while cking out some of the action on the street. A review?? The girls here were very friendly and accommodating.  Well, at least that’s what I thought. I gotta make a new years resolution to return to the old towne just to be sure.





Back out on The Streets…





 P1040924a P1040925a











Who do you think is gonna come out as the BCS champion this year??  The last time these two met in a Bowl game was, I believe, 1982!  And, the last time Alabama played in the Rose Bowl was 1946 against us!

So, these universities,  along with Oregon & Ohio State, have been behind the times in getting back to Pasadena. But, I guess their moto is, “better late than never again!”



I think we needed more K9 reinforcements to restore civility among the humans.


P1040943aSeeing such unsportswomanlike conduct among these colorful groups makes me long for the old fashioned days of black n white where everyone spoke the same language.  I gotta sit down after witnessing such behavior.  Break time – ck’d out the partying at Barney’s Beanery Pub.


P1040958With this belt-tightening economy you can count on only the minimum needs of man & woman being met for this big event.































My observation was Alabama fan was outspending the Texan. And it appeared they also outnumbered Texan fan – in Old Town at least.  Are these also hints to the outcome of the football championship?




The welcome mats were long ago set out across the nation.

 P1040923a P1040921a




Oh crap, if that bee de case!  I feel a dog tailache starting. Hell, I better sit down & have a drink if this was really just about an alcohol championship…





Well, whatever the case. The game is only hours away at the Rose Bowl!  Who do you think is gonna win:  The Crimson Alabaman’s or the Orange Texan’s??  Polls will remain open only for a short time.





Even more BCS 2010 information at this link to the official souvenir magazine.




[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=bcs+championship+2010&iid=7437519″ src=”c/0/7/a/NCAA_Football_Rose_4e94.JPG?adImageId=8843280&imageId=7437519″ width=”380″ height=”269″ /]








Starving – Gotta Eat!  May the best team win. And, may the ultimate victor be Pasadena!




22 responses to “Alabama or Texas?: BCS Poll

    • TB, thanks 4 your input. I’m trying to think what I can eat at Taco Bell. Try to have a HNYr, still!

      KB, yeah Pasadena won, I hope. And, I pray this season is over for us who have to stick around here after everything/one is done. R & R, please…

  1. Oh here it’s the same with Ice Hockey (in our small region) and with soccer all over Italy… 😀 Don’t know who will win, I’ll stick to the old saying: “let the best team win”! Enjoy!

    • MD, you’re in Italy now?? If so, I’ve suddenly gathered a brunch of friends there! How low is the temperture been recently – 5degrees Fahrenheit?! I like your neighbors, i.e., blogroll, I think.

      ShSh, speaking of neighbors. It’s my Aussie artist! I appreciate my readers who come from long distances & share a few words with me. I have a few friends from Pasadena who are living overseas, read my blog, but then never say a word to me! Right – I need an xxtended break!

  2. No wonder you’re going to rest up a bit on the blogging soon, Cafe ~ taking and posting so many photos can exhaust a puppy! You’re a fine ambassador for Pasadena. It’s a bit odd to me to be seeing all of this football fever in the middle of our summer.

    • PA, I don’t think you need any special explanation in your life to come across all kinds of accents.

      SG The Painter of Views! You This dog is Tx womens best friend. You women know how to pet me to make me feel happy!!
      And, I think whether U win or lose depends on how U play the game?!
      The old Luck of the Longhorn was not with the poor animal last nite as indicated by your star player getting knocked out of the game with an injury. Too bad. Otherwise, I think Tx may have been able to roll the Tide.

  3. Cafe: I think you’ve got the right notion about us. Dixie Jane, Laurie, Judy and I are all UT Austin alumni !!! That’s right. Texans we are.

    And there is no one prouder than a proud Texan. Did I understand that we…that is, the team… lost the game? But I remember something from my up-bringing:
    It’s not whether you win or lose. It’s how you play the game.

  4. While driving on the 210 fwy towards Pasadena this afternoon, I happened to be on the same path as a large tour bus…with 4 Sheriff’s on motorcycles for an escort. They escorted the bus to Lincoln and then south toward the Rose Bowl…I could kind of see in the windows, and there were only a few people, no one looked like anyone I knew of…couldn’t figure it out until my hubby mentioned tonight that it was probably some Vips for the Rose Bowl game!!!

  5. Let’s see…I’ve got no blogger friends in Texas … and, of course we all have at least one in ‘bama… so the answer is obvious!

    Thanks for the news flash. I would of been clueless about THE most important event in Pasadena for today otherwise! :[

    PS – Are you planning a blogger brunch for 2010?

    • Maybe just no TX friends that you, nT, are aware of or can recall. And yes, hopefully a large one with a collaborator & a small one. Otherwise, the only blog planning I’m doing is to reduce my blogging after this month.

      Metro LA: glad you appreciated it.

  6. Judge, well the more I think about it, I think your judgment may bee right. However, I still prefer to have TX women!

    Catherine, remember we’re talking about Football – not Food – here. Which reminds me: how did the Swarthmore college football team do this year? Btw, I ck’d inside Naga Naga Ramen yesterday. My brief review: Nice hostess!