Post – Rose Parade

I haven’t posted to this blog since last year!! 

And, by now the 2010 Tournament of Roses parade has long passed.

Still, the last part of the parade – the post-parade – is usually overlooked. So,

Since your loyal canine has already given you glimpses of part 1 of the parade in a prior post,


And, of course, we’re familiar with these type of royal shots from our Tournament of Roses here:

121st Annual Tournament Of Roses Parade





Therefore, let it be in the few minutes granted to me today, I give you a few glimpses of post-parade action scenes.


1st off. The visiting homo-sapiens which were Bused/RV’d/Hiked-In have been driven out by my crack K9 reinforcements! Some civility has returned.




However, some of their trash has been left behind. We’re dogs, so some of these humans and cats think they’re doing us a favor! Others may have thought they were contributing to Trash Tuesday, where getting it cheap could bee getting us screwed. Trash is a by-product of the audience which you can briefly view, in care of our Pasadena Star-News, right here. The year may have changed, but otherwise the times they aren’t a changin.


Let me only add:  As of today the streets are still  dirty, littered, and marked up from the human visitors near & far.






What goes up must come down. The Dismantling. It continues today.






The new Rose Floats are not exempt. No, they turn old overnite.










This foto reminds me of something important. What about the beautiful roses? Those which gave their all & name to this grand parade?







My time is up as well! Gotta run. One last thing before I must go: Stay Thirsty for Love until next year in Pasadena



14 responses to “Post – Rose Parade

  1. These float pictures were more interesting to me than those taken during the parade! I’ve never quite understood how all those hours could be put into something so temporary, but I guess it has something to do with the whole world watching.

    • Thanks, KB, but this post was a rush job. I wish I could re-do it — if I had the time! Big events are a whole build up to a blast off, like a space rocket.

      MC, thanks, but ditto what I said to KB above. Yes, there is sooo much that goes into the Rose Parade. I’ve experienced just some of it personally & it can leave me exhausted! And, yes, I think this is just before the VDub dealer on the right; which recalls a memory there on a cold nite around 10yrs ago!

    • AFV, thanks, and they need to ck out your Metro LA Daily Photo as well for great photos!

      ShSh, that’s a good one: cat & litter. Thank heavens for your artistry!

  2. Thank heavens for you and your crack K9 reinforcements, Cafe ~ well done! On the disturbing subject of trash, I can vouch for my kitty ~ she thinks that litter is a catastrophe.