Today’s Theme: The Rose Parade Has Begun!!

Your loyal canine, reporting high above the Tournament of Roses Parade Route






Yes, of course. There can only be one theme on this last day of the year/(decade?)! 

You heard me right – the parade has already started, in case you haven’t noticed or are still in bed recovering from a headache, heartache, stomachache, or etc.  It’s been going on, at least since I woke up this morning.

I’ve mentioned before how difficult it is for me to stay on top of so many holiday’s and events, blogwise that is. Luckily I’ve begun to cover the 2010 Rose Parade today. I mean, it’s better early than late woodn’t you say?



I’ve gotten a head start on this so this one isn’t gonna pass me by!





Of course our parades just have to begin like this. No Xception today. Our luck.








Warning: Loads & brunches of homo sapien bused in ahead!!

P1040402a      P1040479a 




Yeah, come on in! The doors are w i d e  open. Make yourself at home. Sure.



The masses of people are now here…

P1040378a   P1040473a  




But what about the “vendors?”


 Ok, Check













Is everybody in?   Is everybody in?? Let The Show Begin…


P1040320a   P1040326a


P1040346a   P1040354a











P1040365a   P1040369a



Just got back from Target next to Vroman’s bookstore. Bot something I really don’t need. A TV. Finally. Saved 25%!!  But, I digest…










































P1040413a   P1040400A


















Even the Black Unmarked Police Car made a parade appearance, which can only mean the mark to The End of this 1st part of the parade.  I’m skipping Part II this year. Gonna stay-up & sleep late this time.  Check out my dependable loco bloggers for continuing Rose Parade coverage.








I hope you enjoyed the vehicles. Sure, they are old.  Just remember – So Pasa has nothing on us when it comes to old stuff, senior citizen cars, or just being old & vintage.


Well, that was the theme for this day.  Yet, the more life changes, even more it stays the same. Until next year.





That’s enuf parade from me today. Gotta skate off. Been needing some coffee since I awoke!  Have Your Best New Year as we enter a new decade.

Stay Safe / Sane & Thirsty, My Friends…



24 responses to “Today’s Theme: The Rose Parade Has Begun!!

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  2. So, you were super excited and kept bounding in the air, Pointer & Shooter in paw? Gawrsh, I wish my canine could do that. Excellent coverage, CO! We look forward to the next installment.

    • MG, for you to say that, well, your comment is special. SPECIAL!!

      nT, thanks but this was somewhat common for ’09. My ’10 resoultion is to scale back. That’s my plan. I’ll let you know how January is going.

      Happy New Yr 2 U both!

  3. It never rains in California on the Rose Parade (except sometimes).
    These are Perfect! indeed.
    My fave is the grand marshall – I hope you got his autograph. You really outdid yourself on this one.
    Wish you a very, very happy NYrs too. How about meeting 1/2 way if January is a little less hectic?

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  5. These are perfect shots!…thanks for the visit, anyway i’m going back there now to see the post parade venue. 🙂 Have a nice day…am gonna add you up later.

    • Metro LA Daily Photo: thanks for calling them “perfect.” However, I wood label them far from perfect. It certainly felt that way in trying to capture these moving images! Hope u put up your post-parade shots.

      Writer La Ferle: thanks for making the long trek to visit me from Michigan. Now I have to make weekly visits back there! If u fell in love with Pasadena (de Paris of the USA?), then I shouldn’t bee surprised if one day you contact me to say: “Hey, we’re neighbors now!”
      I enjoy your writing.

  6. My husband and I visited Pasadena for the first time last April — and fell in love with your city. I’m envious!! Wish I could have been there to witness the parade in person, but thanks for this online opportunity … Happy new year!

    • Thanks, Moonstruck! Too bad you aren’t local. You wood fit right in around here! Warm Hug 4 U!

      ShSh, thanks. But just remember – this is only one part of our Rose parade – the 1st part. There are at least 4 parts to making this parade.

  7. Thank you SO much, Cafe ~ your dog’s-eye view surpasses the best birds-eye view!
    Such a grand collection of scenes. I feel like I was there, as much as I needed to be, at least. Wishing you a beautiful New Year ~ peaceful and content!

  8. Judge, it definitely sounds like you’re no longer 16.

    Liz dePA, good to know you covered the night part of the parade. I just covered the start. We’ll see how many cover the finish. It should be done by Friday morning.

    KB, yeah very unusual weather. Tourists can easily be misled that this is the norm. Nope. Just rained 2 days prior to the parade!

    Daisy, I hope you can function better than me, the day a long crazy nite! Hope you’re in good spirits to start the year.

    Thank y’all, my loyal readers! Believe It or Not, I do this more for you gals/guys than for the high pay this blog position demands. Happy New Years!

  9. For the fifth year in a row I was asleep before midnight (and for the first time since I was 16, I did not have a drink on New Year’s Eve) and got up in time to watch the parade. I, too, have a new TV. (It wasn’t 25% off but it was no interest financing for 36 months.) So I watched the parade in beautiful big-screen HD. What a gorgeous day. Gonna run out to Target with my better half then make it back in time to watch the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. Happy New Year, Cafe!

  10. I made it out last night onto the parade route then slipped back over the bridge and south to catch the floats heading up Hintington/Fair Oaks. It’s a tradition for us to catch the night version of the parade.

  11. Came home at 7 am! I woke up about 1 hour ago. recovering from last crazy night. Love the picture with the dog!
    Ah… happy new year!!! 🙂