Winter Cleaning

Continuing the centuries old wisdom of clearing out the old to make way for the new.

In this case, my vast multi-wing photo archives going way, way back!  Many days at least.



Therefore, a few remaining pics from our  South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association  12th annual year-end crush party on 12/28/08. Seems like it was only 5-6 months ago.  Yet, tonite is the 13th…








For some reason the bar was a popular spot.









P1000765ab From Out In The Lobby to Into The Main Dining Hall



I usually find myself trying to take good shots in bad indoor lighting.






This is where I should have spent most of my time at the party – the catered buffet line!! Instead, I found myself unusually overly interested in chatting & snapping away with the homo sapiens & camera.  So, outside of dessert & coffee I only visited this line once – no 2nds!  You can put that into Cafe Pasadena’s Believe It or Not!!  A memory that will live with me in infamy. What was I thinking?  Apparently, I was not.



  P1000781a The reason for this and the other Tournament of Roses Associations.



The best part of this party, along with the food, was sharing a table with two of my wunderful foodie girlfriends who worked on this particular SPTOR party committee.



Gotta Rest. The streets are feeling unusually edgy & noisy this afternoon. Stay Thirsty My Friends!





19 responses to “Winter Cleaning

  1. No seconds? I am shocked, Cafe. Shocked. {Sorry I’m so late ~ I somehow missed a brunch of posts in the past few days… I’m shocked at myself as well. Time to have some recuperative nourishment.}

    • ShSh, don’t worry about missing a brunch of postings. Blogging AND commenting is not easy – I understand – and appreciate the special writers like yourself who can do both!

      One 2010 resolution for me is to give much less time to my own blog in deference to devoting that same time to reading/commenting on other blogs such as yours.

    • PA, 1 of these years you gotta learn how to make comments on a blog! A New Yrs resolution for you. I’m glad you’ve worked on past floats! I think that is one part I could never do…unless, they turn the heater on.

      Bec, me too – personally. It’s one of my least fav times in Pasadena. It’s a sacrifice and I suppose it’s been a Net plus for Pasadena over the decades…?? I feel like a tired zombie today. Any good recipes for that?!

      Happiest New Year to both of you fine young women!!

  2. It’s great that you get involved like you do! I’ve worked on a few floats myself. It’s fun in a all night numb hands and feet kind of way. Get some rest. Me, I’m getting ready to walk the blvd in old town. It’s nuts but its also a tradition.

    • KB, if you see a German Shepherd, well you’ll know. Otherwise, I may send a boxer, in honor of boxing day, on my behalf bcuz right now I feel like I either need to go back to bed or get high on caffeine.

      PensaCola PJ, you can’t bee that old!
      “Do they still do that?” A: Last nite around 11pm nobody on the streets. This morning & my 1st look down below is a brunch of people staking their claims to Colorado Bl real estate. And, Pasadena’s armada of vintage autos are already out in force.

      Have I said I need to either go back to bed or go get the red-eye coffee special??

  3. I attended a Rose Bowl Parade a million years ago. I remember seeing so many people asleep on the sidewalks so they would have a good spot when the parade began. Do they still do that? It looked like they had been there all night.

    • It’s a nice way to recognize the devoted/tireless volunteers & wind up the year of preparation for each new float. They say, the ToR’s begin work on the next parade the day after the parade!

  4. Thanks Cafe!!! I was there that night…and last night!!!! Actually, I’ve been every year for the past 7 years!!! It’s a fun party!!! Low key and post holiday hoopla!!!

    • ChiefKathy, I hope you brot your camera! I do whatever I can to help with these ToR associations, like SoPasa & Sierra Madre which I’m most familiar. Locals should consider getting involved & volunteer.
      The food is my fav part, for some reason.

      Moonstruck Daisy: “No idea??” You gotta get out more! (No relaxing at this time unless you hibernate at home)