WTF? aka hOhOnO!


Just the other day Natasha my most favored Palos Verdes blogger, asked me if Colorado Boulevard was “approachable. The last thing I wanna do is guess the exact meaning of anyone near deep, dark, cold waters.


Meanwhile, in other news a couple of RV’s were seen loitering on corners of Colorado as we drove by last night. Saturday – right.



On one corner















In the other corner




My good buddy, Petrea, likes to hike or walk a brunch searching wide & narrow for at least one foto to take a shot at for the next day.  I wunder if she came across such things?  Oh man, I mean wo-man, God help these happy campers if she did!! (Or should it be, God help  us  if she did?)




There outta bee a law against loitering or whatever around here, don’t ya think?  We have homeless sleeping on the street – I understand.  But, now RV’s & campers camping out on the street?! The new homeless?  Can we push these happy campers out to Pasadena Adjacent somewhere, Rancho Palos Verdes, or even across to Normandy – places out where the women are more loving & the men more welcoming? 

Where’s the PIO when her subjects need her? Probably doing the overtime on a vacation if I know her!  I bet that’s why all this is happening!



Gotta get outta here. Stay warm & thirsty my friends!




6 responses to “WTF? aka hOhOnO!

    • PDP, it doesn’t sound like you’re talking about the PPD. I wish you were so right…and you are right! They are gone at least as of Monday evening!
      ShSh, the camels? Well, try this Friday morning.

    • BW, your guess is as good as mine. Thanks for your Christmas message tonite.
      Moonstruck Daisy, the U.K. won’t bee de same w/o you! If you come over to my area, lemme know!

  1. Well it looks like that here too when tourists arrive over Christmas… now they’re starting to leave…
    Me too: I need to get out of here! 😉