Last Calm, before a Storm






































I AM gonna need a whole lotta love, hope, and faith for the next couple of weeks. Gotta watch my tail more closely. Pray for me!





10 responses to “Last Calm, before a Storm

  1. Um, I feel like I’m missing some inside knowledge … are you about to be inundated with brunches and brunches of people, Cafe? Whatever it is, sure ~ of course I’ll pray for you!

  2. You’ve got me chuckling (Merrily)! Great post – one of your best.
    Carrot cake?? Is that a standard Christmas dessert? We had pumpkin, apple & mincemeat pie…everybody had apple (fresh out of the oven) and a bit of pumpkin, only my nephew likes mince nowadays so he makes and eats his own.
    I’m contemplating going to see the Rose parade. Last time was with my grandmother when she came to visit in ’81(?) … then maybe I’ll just come by to see the display afterwards. Is Colorado Blvd approachable anywhere along the route these days?

    • Invasion, Chef? Now you’re making me restless too!

      nT: yeah, it’s Standard. I just hope So Pasa Margaret doesn’t read your comment – she’ll die of envy!
      I don’t know what you mean by “approachable…these days?” I do know I just saw parked on a Colorado corner an RV! I recall this same corner had an early RV visitor the last 2 years. It may bee de same character.