The L I G H T – Let It Be




On this time challenged day for  me & many others, Christmas Eve, let us prepare to recognize there is a Light wanting to shine in the many dark parts of this world. To act as a beacon or guide through the darkness on the edges of our towns & lives. To lead us forward to the path of a more wonderful life – whatever that may mean, wherever that may lead for each of us.


Despite the countless efforts to extinguish it, The Light has always shined somewhere. Small or large, dim or Bright



They may be R.I.P. up on Rose Hills in Whittier, but The Light still Lives On





I Am no Light-bearer. As you can see I am berry photography challenged in the dark, at sundown!





I Am better when the sonlight is up & awake, as above in Sierra Madre




I hope & pray you are relaxing at home, wherever that may be, away from the shopping, able to have a Peaceful, Contemplative, Happy Christmas Eve.





Let Our Own Lights So Shine Bright in 2010, that people can’t help but notice. That is our Challenge…





17 responses to “The L I G H T – Let It Be

    • I don’t think these nightly shots are gonna go n2 my greatest collection, but thanks for your Christmas spirit, KB.
      Your Christmas collection was at least as good!
      I prayed & asked Santa for some Vitamins for you & your masters.

  1. CO, you are more light-bearer than you realize….and dare I risk saying Merry Christmas to you! When it comes to Christmas I refuse to be politically correct!

    Great post!

    • FA, coming from a Monk high up in a monastery that is quite a compliment. Imagine if I actually tried to Light The Way to the homo sapien!
      Ok, Merry Christmas to U2, FA! (If the authorities one day come looking for the people mouthing such an expletive, I will plead no habla ingles – only Bark!)

  2. Dear pup, I’ll brave your wrath and wish you a Merry Christmas, too, and a new year filled with lights that shine gently, yet with a purity and strength that will endure and inspire through all. Eat and drink well, Cafe!

    • How dare you say, Merry Christmas, to me PDP/J+P/J-P/P ?!?! You’re words have caused me to have a nervous breakdown, to stress out, bee angry & hysterical, and bee incapable of doing anything for the remainder of the day other than reach for aspirin. (You can 4get blogging) You are not beeing politically correct, P, nor following the rules! They have places to deal with people like you who don’t follow orders!

      Well!…Soooo, the same to YOU – Merry Christmas! Take that!